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DAMWON Gaming Secures The First KeSPA Cup Grand Final Spot

yoHan started the series with an early gank, but ShowMaker showed up to bot lane with a TP and managed to get the first blood. Canyon and ShowMaker put pressure on the opponent jungler yoHan and the rookie player had a rough time playing the game. DAMWON’s solid macro plays had the gold gap increased. The Latest World Champions did not have any answer and won the game pretty easily.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Hanwha Life decided to sub in CaD. The second game started pretty early too. Canyon counter-jungled the enemy side and met CaD there. First, it looked like CaD was going to secure the first blood, but he might’ve underestimated Olaf’s early power. Canyon turned around the situation and got the first blood on the rookie jungler. Deft’s misfortune got stronger by the minutes passed, as did Chovy’s Yone’s. Hanwha Life played team fights well and punished DAMWON’s mistakes. Hanwha Life caught Beryl and killing other players was much easier as Hanwha Life demolished the enemy Nexus and evened the series at 1-1.

Just like how the first two games started, Canyon easily got ahead of yoHan. This lead got bigger individually, which helped the other lanes play more confident with the pressure he created. DAMWON Gaming got both Elder Dragon and Baron buffs, and the gold gap increased to more than 10,000. Canyon’s Graves performance demolished Hanwha Life’s faith and DAMWON won the third game in 41 minutes. 

Hanwha Life used its whole jungler rotation and this time Arthur subbed in. They trusted Deft’s mechanics and let him play Kog’Maw. DAMWON Gaming got the first blood once again with a solo kill in the top lane, but Arthur turned his interest on objectives, which got the team ahead in the late game. Khan’s only job was to get to Deft during team fights and the Korean top laner did his job pretty well. Khan and ShowMaker carried their teammates from the start to the end and got their teams’ name written in the Grand Final. Morgan’s effort was not enough for Hanwha Life considering the result.

DAMWON’s opponent will be either Nongshim RedForce or KT Rolster.

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