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Details on the New Fortnite 3rd Anniversary Leak

Just in time for Fortnite’s 3rd birthday, a new leak has come out that has information on skins, a new battle bus, and even a birthday party event. Every year Fortnite has held a birthday party for the game. The date of the party has always been a little confusing, as the Save the World mode came out in July but the Battle Royale mode came out in September. This year, there will be two parties: one in July and one in September. This makes it so players are able to celebrate both modes.

Courtesy of Epic Games

There have also been some 3rd birthday challenge leaked such as playing 10 matches, dancing in front of different birthday cakes, outlasting enemies, and gaining health or shield from birthday cake. By the looks of this leak, there will be a new way to gain health by eating cake. Fits well for the theme, don’t you think?

There have also been rumors of a couple leaked birthday skins, including a Cakey wrap for your weapon.

Courtesy of Epic Games

For a more in-depth look at more of the items and cosmetics that are coming to the game, take a look at this graphic. It is safe to say that players will not be disappointed in the number of items about to be available to them.

Continuing on, the battle bus is expected to be redone and a sneak peek at the new sound it is going to make has been leaked. This sound is a little spooky and a lot confusing. I am excited to see what this sound means for the battle bus and the players riding it.

Finally, the last part of the leak and perhaps the most exciting is that there has been a Logan version of the Wolverine skin leaked that look super cool. I for one am super hyped to have this skin in the game and I wonder what it will mean for the full story line of the game.

So, what do you all think of this leak? Are you excited to celebrated the third birthday of a game we all love so much? It literally feels like yesterday when this game first came out, so it is hard to believe it has been around for so long, giving us all three years’ worth of joy.

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