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Diabotical Developers Announce Large Funding for Grassroots Tournament Organizers to Help Build Community

With the highly-anticipated release of arena first-person shooter Diabotical just around the corner, many in the community expect a very active esports scene. Those expectations were reinforced as developer James “2GD” Harding announced in an update that his studio will be putting aside $100,000 to fund grassroots tournaments throughout the community. 

Diabotical Developers Announce Large Funding for Grassroots Tournament Organizers to Help Build Community
Courtesy of The GD Studio

The size of the funding alone is a good amount for a top-tier tournament, let alone a series of smaller ones. But what is the point of all this funding? With the release of Diabotical, fans of the arena FPS subgenre will score their first major title release since Quake Champions in 2017, which means that a new wave of young competitors are primed to join in on the fast-paced action Diabotical has promised. The community grows every week, as do smaller discord communities. As stated by Harding himself, “If you are a small community…you’re going to be able to fill out a form and say “I want to run a tournament, get prize money, and I will stream it.” What this entails is that smaller communities will be afforded the limelight never-before-seen in a big-title game.

As local tournament organizers claim their share of the generous prize money, The 2GD Studio will also put on weekly tournaments testing different game modes from the competitive aspect such as Macguffin, Brawl, and (most likely) 1v1 duels. Not much information has been given  on the specifics of each tournament, or even on what game mode is being played each week. But that means that we will be able to see top-level players rise up out of the multitude of regular players joining in on the fun. 

All of this is being done to bolster a community that has been relatively small since the release of Halo. With the release of Diabotical, the arena FPS community is set to be even bigger than it was in the heyday of Quake Champions. That environment can only be cemented by a developer team investing heavily in an already-established esports scene. Before that scene is tested, we will have to wait and see how Diabotical will turn out, though not too long, as closed beta is up and running by the end of this week. I’m hopeful, and if you’re hopeful too, make sure to go sign up for a key on their official site,

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