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Did Rockstar Studios Forget about GTA 5’s 7th birthday?

For a game as popular as GTA 5, you would expect the developers to remember the anniversary of its release. But to the dismay of fans around the world, as the day of the game’s 7th year anniversary came and went, there was nothing added to the game or even mentioned on the special day.

Courtesy of Rockstar Games

This is surprising for two reasons. The first reason is that the game had parties for its previous birthdays. In fact, last year every player was given a million dollars cash on the game to celebrate the 6th anniversary of its release. The second reason the lack of a celebration was shocking is the fact that very few games still have so many players online this long after their release. GTA 5 was able to keep this number of players attached to their game because of the constant updates and new features added all the time. It doesn’t make sense that they would not celebrate this anniversary.

The only explanation I have for this is that Rockstar has put all hands on deck into making the next game in the series, GTA 6. But this theory doesn’t add up because Rockstar’s other games, including Red Dead Redemption 2 have still been getting updates.

To be honest with you all, I really have no clue why there was not an update for the 7th birthday of GTA 5. I am hoping this doesn’t mean the end for all updates for the game as I have to believe that GTA 6 is not coming out any time soon. Let me know if you all have any theories. I personally am very worried for the future of updates to the game.

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