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Did you miss Monster Hunter Direct? We’ll fill you in!

It’s been 16 years since the launch of the Monster Hunter series, and Capcom is ready for more. Immediately following Nintendo Direct Mini, where Nintendo showcased partner-made games for the Switch, Capcom showcased Monster Hunter Direct, hosted by series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. It’s fitting, as Nintendo Direct Mini kicked off with two Capcom Monster Hunter trailers, one for Monster Hunter Rise and one for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. 

Monster Hunter
Photo from Nintendo

Monster Hunter Rise

Set during the onset of an event only known as “The Rampage,” players are thrust into the world of Monster Hunter Rise. Game Director Yasunori Ichinose said the game is called “Rise” because of the vertical environments players will now get to scale and explore. Those aren’t the only new features.

Photo by Capcom

Introducing: “Wirebugs,” powerful insects you’ll have at your disposal. These bugs not only let you climb to places out of reach, they are also part of new attacks. During the direct, it was noted that combat with Wirebugs would be a main focus of combat. Their “wires” are a special kind of silk that allow players to interact with the environment and surroundings in new ways.

Speaking of, the environments within the game are essentially open world. When players arrive at a new location, it’s an open map that culminates into one giant “seamless locale.” The direct highlighted two specific areas of the game: Shrine Ruins, and the new base, Kamura Village.

Photo from Capcom

“Anyone can enjoy whenever and wherever they want.”

This location is characterized as the ruins of an ancient shrine, hence the name. This locale, with grey skies, large forests, and overgrown plants covering buildings, gives a sense of how ancient this place really is and how undisturbed it was. Players will treasure the feeling of truly discovering something for the first time.

Photo from Capcom

According to the website, Kamura Village is known for its Tatara Steel, and is where hunters make their living. This is the main base for the game, full of shops, NPCs, and more. The Rampage almost destroyed the village 50 years prior.

Locales and abilities weren’t the only things highlighted during the direct. A new companion was also introduced, a Palamute.

The Palamute are canine creatures that allow players to travel through locations at high speeds, traverse steep and vertical terrain, and allow for specialty attacks. Also, when riding them, the player won’t lose stamina. The feline creatures Palico also make their return.

We can’t talk about a new Monster Hunter game without discussing the new monsters. The direct introduced four new monsters that will be featured in the new title.

Photo courtesy of Capcom

Magnamolo is the main antagonist, and this picture is the most Capcom has released, as even the direct intentionally showed off very little. The other monsters range from giant to humungous and require cunning action and different strategies to defeat. Capcom also announced they are introducing new gameplay elements where monsters will fight other monsters.

The release date for Monster Hunter Rise will be March 26, 2021, and there will be both a Regular Version and Deluxe Edition with DLC, with pre-orders starting today. In addition, three amiibo will be launched the same day as the game.

As mentioned, Capcom announced two releases, and Monster Hunter Rise will have compatibility features with the other soon to be released Monster Hunter title:

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

In this title, plates take on the role of a “Monster Rider,” set during a time where the monster Rathalos has disappeared from around the world. However, though the monster is supposedly extinct, a character in-game is in possession of a Rathalos egg. 

As you explore the vast world, players will form bonds with their chosen monsters, which will impact the story as the plot unfolds.

Other than the trailer, the direct didn’t give any more information regarding narrative, only that players will be joined by popular monsters from the series and that game elements will connect to Monster Hunter Rise.

Tsujimoto announced that more information would be coming soon about the game, and that they would be releasing more information at TGS Live on September 25, and Capcom TGS Live on September 26.

For more information about the monster hunter series, visit

If you’d like to view the direct for yourself, check it out here.

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