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Diplomatic Victory: Befriending Nations In Civ VI

If you’re used to combat wins, then you’re going to have to seriously adjust your play style to win diplomatic victories in Civ VI. It’s no longer about setting up wonders or setting up combat units; micromanaging resources and traders as well as building certain wonders will solidify your chances of a victory.

Image Courtesy of Firaxis Games

Getting a diplomatic win in Civ VI starts with setting up the appropriate wonders for getting diplomacy points. For veteran players this may be obvious, but the best wonders for this are Apadana and Orzgzgzahahz to getting a steady supply of points during the game. Once you hit a certain amount, be prepared for many civilizations to vote to take points from you. When this happens, you could lose up to three points, but voting for yourself will save you that third point since you immediately gain a point for any motion that passes. 

You won’t win quickly with this little tip, but it’s a good way to try and stay on top for as long as you can. If you have The Statue of Liberty wonder under your belt with a few others you’ll really make sure the votes aren’t as aggressive. Triggering emergencies are a really good way of helping gain more diplo points as well. Even if you target yourself for a religious emergency, passing this can net you 200 favor points to go for your diplomatic victory.

In order to get the most out of your emergency relief points, set the disaster level to four before you start the game. 

The aim is to keep up a solid friendship with other nations in the game and become a Suzerain of as many nations as you can. Making nations angry and then appeasing them by giving into their requests is a good way of beefing up your relationships with each other. 

You’re going to want to focus on Science and Tech to help you build wonders and help you pump out as much gold as you can through new buildings. Don’t go overboard, though: remember that diplomacy points are your golden ticket.

Image Courtesy of Firaxis Games

A Valid Strategy

If you have the expansion, then you can always combo up Rough Rider Teddy with the Court of Minerva. The societies ability allows you to gain two envoys to use when you send a trade route to another nation’s city. 

Try and construct the Mahabodhi temple early in the game since it gives a great boost for your diplomatic victory, though you will have to start up a religion in the early game. Potala Palace and The Statue of Liberty need to be somewhere in your civilization, as they’ll consist of 5 separate diplomacy points. You have to build these wonders yourself: taking over an enemy city that’s constructed these won’t count for your diplomatic victory since you went to war. 

Respond to every emergency you can, as you’re going to want to earn as much favor from the other nations as possible.

Send out as much gold as you can manage in order to keep people happy and the votes against you low. 


Getting a diplomatic win in Civ is one of the hardest wins to achieve, and there are so many ways to go about it. This may not be an end-all-be-all guide, but it should give you a few tips you didn’t know before to smoothen out your diplomatic gameplay.

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