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Diretide is Back in Dota 2 after 7 Years!

Diretide – the much-coveted Dota 2 event that sparked a load of good times and memes, and even the hounding of Volvo’s Twitter – is finally back after seven long years.

Photo courtesy of Valve

This huge update contains many cosmetic in-game add-ons, a new Halloween game mode, and lots of fond memories.

The event also features plenty of UI updates. Players can play the seasonal Halloween event or normal Dota 2 games to earn points to gain in-game rewards.

There are tons of seasonal visual effects, sounds, sprays, and voice lines beside a staggering variety of sets and their variations. The Diretide update adds another feature; all of its droppable sets become marketable immediately, a remarkable departure from Valve’s usual strategy. Valve has also re-introduced recycling of in-game items; a feature which the community has been requesting for a very long time.

The Dota community was first introduced to Diretide with Diretide 2012, released on October 30, 2012. It introduced a new game mode in which players competed against each other and NPCs to gather candy to win in-game prizes. The candy gathering fest featured a dire twist that was well received, prompting Diretide 2013, a slightly modified version of the 2012 event with similar gameplay elements but much more rewards and variations. There have been no Diretide updates since, until now.

Photo courtesy of Valve

There are a few main menu UI improvements in terms of visibility and performance, although the existence of the latter is yet to be confirmed.

The event is accessible to every Dota 2 player and ends on December 22, 2020. As Valve puts it, Happy Season’s Grievings!

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