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Dragon Raja: The Game That Makes Players Famous (Kinda)

Seeing your name on the leaderboard is one thing, but your character plastered all over buildings in the game’s version of Tokyo? That’s a different level. It’s a Dragon Raja level.

Dragon Raja
Image courtesy of Archosaur Games

Dragon Raja was a game I really enjoyed playing, even though it isn’t a genre I’m familiar with when it comes to mobile. Yes, I’ve played many an RPG on my iPhone, but this game was a completely different experience. I was at least level 30 before even stepping out of the tutorial and onto the game’s campus, where I was flooded with multiple ways to make a name for my character. 

I had one of three options. I could become a Cook and start up a famous restaurant on the game, I could start up a store and sell items to other players for in-game currency, or I could take the path of an Entertainer and have my character displayed all over the game. 

I chose the latter because the thought was pretty damn cool. 

What I quickly learned was that getting famous in the game was no easy feat whatsoever. You have a certain amount of Career Vitality that you can spend on your career everyday, and when you’re out, you can’t progress in the career path until the next day, when you get some vitality back. You can have up to 2500 Career Vitality stored up before you’re cut off, since it’s the limit. 

To help you take advantage of what you have, you can do skills during certain time periods for an added bonus towards your progression, and you can even play mini-games that award more points as well. Once you’ve hit the requirements for promotion, you get a new title and the amount of XP you need to progress is increased. 

Image courtesy of Archosaur Games

Players can make items that will provide bonus features for their avatar and sometimes boost their names on the board when sold. With each increase in rank, the more people that know your name; as your name pops up on boards left and right, your artist could be getting thousands of views a day. 

Getting to the highest level takes a very long time if you choose not to buy any in-game items, and it can often take multiple months of daily playing for you to even progress a rank. You can do everything from putting on lipstick to boxing to increase your rank in the career. 

Dragon Raja gives players the chance to make a name for themselves in the virtual world. I couldn’t find any long-term popular characters since there are so many people going after the Superstar career, but many do make it onto the game’s Facebook, where they are posted for more potential fans to see. Even though it could take a very long time, you can’t say it wouldn’t be cool seeing your character promoted on global servers. 

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