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ESL and Guinevere Capital Teamed Up To Operate OPL In 2021

A couple of months ago, Riot Games decided to disband OPL due to the lack of interest in the region. The company fell short on meeting the expectations they had both financially and community interest. Despite Riot’s decision, ESL decided to take the torch and please the passionate OPL fans with a new league with the help of their partner, Guinevere Capital. ESL made a three-year deal with Riot Games to operate OPL. 

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

OPL was first founded in 2015 and during the period since, the league developed so many talented players and exported abroad to major leagues like LCS and LEC. Chiefs Esports Club and Dire Wolves were the strongest looking teams till the end of 2018. In 2019, Bombers and Mammoth stepped up and in the last season, 2020, Legacy Esports dominated the scene. Names like ry0ma, Shernfire, k1ng, Raes, Destiny, FBI, Triple, Haeri, Isles, Fudge and many more made it to the big scenes. 

After disassembling OPL, Riot Games decided to count Oceanic players as residents in the North American league LCS. This caused LCS teams to pick up OPL players for their academy and main teams. Ex-Golden Guardians player FBI outshined most of his opponents last season and showed what Oceanic players can do.

ESL is known for its experience while organizing tournaments. The company has organized countless events in many games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and more. Guinevere Capital is an esports investment company. They have invested in big esports organizations like Dire Wolves and Excel Esports since their leap into the industry.

Most of the experienced and talented players moved to NA or retired. This will clear the new players’ path and let them shine to bring back OPL to its former days.

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