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Every Scrap of Information I Could Find on GTA VI

It really has felt like an eternity since GTA V came out. To be honest, it kind of has. Believe it or not, it has been 7 years since one of the most iconic games ever to be made has come out, and I remember it to the day. The day the game came out, I was a junior in high school, and before I could go home and play the game I had been waiting literal years to come out, I had to run in a cross-country race. You best believe I ran my fastest race ever in order to get home quicker and finally get my hands on the city of Los Santos.

Photo: Rockstar Games/Youtube

Throughout the years since GTA V’s release, there has been rumor after rumor about what the next GTA is going to be about, where it is going to be set and when it is going to release. With GTA V being the second highest selling game of all time after Minecraft, it goes without saying that Rockstar Games would get to work on another game in the series. Any serious gamer knows how long it takes to make a game like Grand Theft Auto and hopefully doesn’t fall victim to fake leaks and rumors. But now that so much time has passed since the game came out, these rumors and leaks are starting to become more believable. So, without further ado, here is everything I could find about GTA VI.

Although Rockstar has not even admitted to the existence of GTA VI, reports have come in stating that the game has been in early development and could be expected to come out by early 2022. A major leak called Project America was found by a Reddit user which provided details about the game. Here are the major points: the game will be set in Vice City, a fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro, located in Brazil. The game will also have limited access to Liberty City, a fan-favorite location which has appeared in previous games. The game is rumored to take place in the 1970’s and a single male protagonist named Ricardo will be the person players control. This is different from GTA V, where players were able to control three characters each with different skills. According to this leak, the main story line will follow cocaine trading, where Ricardo gets himself involved with bigger and bigger drug lords. Another cool part of the leak stated that a large prison will be a major part of the story line. This could mean our protagonist at some point gets arrested and potentially has to make a daring prison escape. Finally, players better put on their reading glasses, as the game will not be spoken in English and subtitles will be present. If you were hoping to play this game on your older consoles, you are in for a disappointment: the game will only be released on next-gen consoles.

Liberty City in GTA V. Courtesy of Rockstar Games

There is a lot to look forward to this game as it seems to be going in a different direction then GTA V. I for one really like this. I have spent the last seven years playing GTA V and do not need GTA VI to be just like it. Having so many new and different aspects added to this game will keep players entertained and happy, but the question with any sequel is whether it can keep up with the hype of its predecessor. GTA V changed the gaming world, and if GTA VI does not live up to the hype, Rockstar could have some very angry fans after them. There is also the question of what the multiplayer aspect of this game will be. There was not much information on this aspect of the game in the leak, which leaves fans completely in the dark. But knowing Rockstar and how great they are at making games, I am completely confident that both the story mode and online mode will be incredible for GTA VI.

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