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Everything Done Right in the NBA 2K21 Halloween Patch

Just in time for Halloween, NBA 2K21 has released an update adding some Halloween goodies and fixing some bugs. I will be going over the patch in different sections so you all can get all the information.

NBA 2K21
Courtesy of Visual Concepts

General Updates

There are now Halloween decorations on the 2K bench. Players will find plenty of fun decorations put in around the game. Player likeness has also been added to players with a rating of over 60. This means that most of your favorite players will look even more like the real-life counterparts. Along with this the Heat vs. Lakers Finals matchup is now the default matchup. Be prepared for even more Halloween updates to be added in the upcoming weeks. They are only going to get better.

Gameplay Updates

There were plenty of updates to the overall gameplay this update such as a set-screen update to make it more realistic and a fixed sidestep pull-up shot. Along with this, there was an update to remove the influence of modded controllers. Finally, park dribble moves were updated to make them crisper.

MyCareer Updates

Issues that were fixed in this part of the game include glitches where players did not get new fans in some game achievements as well as hang glitches that happened when players left a 2v2 or 3v3.

MyTeam Updates

Updates involved in this part of the game were some preparations for a tournament and a second season of MyTeam. There were also some more general improvements to make this part of the game run better.


For this part of the game numerous bugs were fixed to make the experience run better and more smoothly. So, there you have it: those are all the updates that came with this patch. Be on the lookout for more updates in the upcoming weeks if you want to get your Halloween party on in the game.

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