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Everything We Know About Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty is revisiting the very titles that made it a household name. With the recent announcement of Cold War, it seems that it’s taking another return to its roots.

Black Ops Cold War
Courtesy of Activision

The Story

No longer set in the near-future, Cold War stays true to its name by taking place in the early days of the Cold War. You’ll be playing the new CoDsoldier, codename Bell, and you won’t be alone. Iconic CoD characters Alex Mason, Victor Reznov, Frank Woods, and even Jason Hudson will be with you to drop America’s enemies left right and center.

From what we’ve seen, you can expect to visit Vietnam for the third time in the series— even going as far as East Berlin and Turkey— to carry out a secret operation to neutralize Perseus, a KGB agent rumored to have started various secret plots to help take power away from the US and place it into the USSR’s hands.

Cold War is based on many real-life conspiracy theory events dating back to the Cold War (“real” depending on who you ask.) This means that the story may have a few grains of truth that you can expect to be wildly exaggerated for the sake of personal entertainment.

Gone are the days of strictly linear CoD gameplay, come are days with the ability to partake in optional secondary missions that will see you traveling to new areas to fight even newer enemies. Yes, it looks like the world of CoD is starting to get a bit bigger. A bigger surprise comes in the form of being able to customize Bell himself, even going as far as choosing dialogue options. This sets a more open-world tone that we can’t help but wonder will bleed into further installments of the franchise. But of course, this all depends on how well-received Cold War is on release.  


Anyone that’s played Black Ops (or even World at War) knows that Zombies is one of the most iconic game modes that the CoD franchise has been able to pump out, and we were thrilled to hear that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Additionally, Warzone has been nothing short of a trend-setter, and it’s not surprising to hear that Activision has plans to corporate yet another Warzone-like game mode into Cold-War. We’ve even gotten hints of this with recent Cold-War challenges making their way into Warzone itself.

Twitter recently saw a multiplayer leak for Cold War and gave us some valuable insight of what to expect when it hits the shelves. This might have helped (or killed) some of the hype for players waiting to see the official multiplayer gameplay on Sept 9th.

For The Old And New

If you are worried that Cold War won’t be available for XB1 or PS4, you can rest your nerves. Activision has stated that it will be available for current and next-gen consoles. Realistically, it wouldn’t be surprising if Cold War was one of the first launch titles to bring in the next-gen, with Assassins Creed: Valhalla preceding it just four days before the next-gen launch.

Whatever Cold War info there is yet to learn, one thing is for sure: Activision is shaping up to have another hit on their hands.

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