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Everything We Know About Hogwarts: Legacy

After years of rumors and crossed fingers, Avalanche finally announced with Sony that there is indeed a Harry Potter RPG game in the works, but it won’t be centered on Harry himself; instead, it will revolve around characters left up to the player to create.

Hogwarts Legacy
Courtesy of Avalanche Software

A r/gamingleaksandrumours hit, many are stoked to see the wizarding world hit the interactive medium again. Since its announcement, no shortage of Harry Potter fans have wondered what Hogwarts: Legacy will have to offer them.

The Story

You’ll find no mention of Harry Potter here, as this game’s story takes place in the 1800s, a time that we aren’t very familiar with in the Harry Potter universe. Instead, you’re going to be the story’s focus here, adjusting to the role of a Hogwarts Student. None of the stories here are going to be based on any of the Rowling novels, but Avalanche states that the lore she’s built will be a crucial foundation for what they are planning for our characters.

Avalanche reports that J.K Rowling had no hands on the game’s development at any stage, and any story here isn’t directly connected to any of the events that took place during Harry’s time.

Customizable Experience

In Legacy, the story really is yours. Not only can you change your wizard’s appearance, but you can even choose what house they will go into at Hogwarts. Fan of moral alignments? You can even choose if you’re going to be a wizard for all to be modeled by or help pave the way for wizards like Voldemort to take power.

The Locations

Hogwarts isn’t going to be the main focus of the game, despite the title. You’ll be able to venture over to other familiar locations, such as the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Village. How these will tie into the story is something we’ve yet to find out, but the Forbidden Forest will most likely see the game’s more intense moments due to its history in the franchise.

Which Platform?

Even though it was Sony that announced the project, it won’t be exclusive. You’ll be able to play this RPG across every major platform, but we may be seeing some timed-exclusivity in the future.

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