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Everything You Should Know About Le Mans: Esports’ Top Driving Series

Ever pull off a really sweet drift in a game and wonder how well it stacked up against other players? This series offers the opportunity for driving game lovers to earn some sweet cash and test their skills against the driving elite. 

Le Mans
Courtesy of Autosports

If you’re a fan of racing, there’s a pretty high chance you’ve heard of Le Mans before. It’s where some of the world’s best drivers go head-to-head and it’s been a widely-anticipated event since its start in 2004. Now, with its switch to esports, it’s seeing a wave of new drivers take control in simulated racing. 

Forza’s recent championship actually took place in Le Mans recently this year, and it was the biggest event hosted at Le Mans in its entire history. The Le Mans Esports Series takes place exclusively on Forza Motorsport 7, so you won’t catch this event hosted on games like Project Cars, Dirt, or Rally, this is purely a European Sport racing event, so you can expect tons of Jaguars and Audis to be seen on the tracks. 

Season 2 had a huge cash prize list for players to grab. $200k in total: $50k for the top pro-team to qualify for finals, $100k to the Super Finalists, and another $50k for the super final. Next year’s season just might have a heavier cash prize due to the intense following that the series is managing to grab on the esports side. 

If the cash prize wasn’t enough, winners have the chance to have their name boasted on the Le Mans Podium, which lists the circuit’s champions. It’s cool to see that not only could you walk away with a potential six-figure reward, you could have your name placed down in racing history too. 

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