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Evolution of the map Shipment throughout Call of Duty

Shipment, like some other Call of Duty maps, is just one of those maps that everyone knows and loves. Because of this, it has appeared one way or another in numerous games.

Courtesy of Call of Duty Wiki

Players first got Shipment in Call of Duty 4, where the map quickly rose to fame for being pretty much the first map in COD history to be this small and simple. You were able to throw a grenade anywhere on the map when standing in one place, which fans quickly used to their advantage. The map was absolute chaos. On top of this, there was a perk in the game which allowed players to have three grenades at a time, which added to the insanity even more. There were very few places to hide from the constant stream of grenades falling in on you.

Courtesy of Call of Duty Wiki

The next time we saw the map was in Modern Warfare: Remastered. The map was pretty much the same but with better graphics and more buildings put in the background. They also, for some reason, removed some Easter Eggs on the map which had stuff written on the side of the shipping containers.

Courtesy of Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Ghosts was the next time we saw this map. It was renamed to Showtime and had a more futuristic feel to it. This is the time the map changed the most from the original. This futuristic update to the map also made it bigger with a doorway leading to another part of the map. I personally was not the biggest fan of this map, but I know some fans really enjoyed it.

Courtesy of Call of Duty

Next the map appeared on Call of Duty: WW2. It was called Shipment 1944 and was the same size as the original map and played very similarly. The only thing that was different was that it was a little less chaotic than the original.

Courtesy of Call of Duty

Finally, the map was seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). It was the same size as the original but more enclosed. The map was also rotated 90 degrees, which gave it a slightly different feel and play than the original. The shipping containers on this map also go higher in the air and some allow players to get on top of them for a height advantage.

Courtesy of Activision Games Blog

I would have to say that no other version of this map will ever beat the original, but I did have a ton of fun playing the map in Modern Warfare 2019.

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