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Exploring The Shadows: The Shadowlands Demo Zone in Exile’s Reach

As we eagerly anticipate the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the creators of the game have given us a little taste of what we have to look forward to. If you are waiting as impatiently as I am for the release of this next adventure in WoW, the introduction to this shadowy world through Exile’s Reach is an absolute necessity for stepping into Shadowlands. Hop on board this adventure with me, and let’s see what Exile’s Reach has to offer for new and returning players. 

Courtesy of Blizzard

The adventure of Exile’s Reach begins on a ship, where you are trained in the standard WoW beginning method by going up against a training dummy and then your trainer. After the initial training is completed, you learn that you and the crew are currently on a mission to save a lost expedition. As you are learning all of this, the ship gets caught up in a storm, and you end up getting shipwrecked on, you guessed it, Exile’s Reach.

Exile’s Reach is truly designed for a brand new player who is looking to learn how to move around and use their controls. The quests and NPCs guide you through the gameplay in a very easy-going way so that you can concentrate on learning the controls without having to worry (too much) about being attacked. You’ll go through the standard ways of leveling up in fighting, from attacking passive Murlocs to charging Quilboar and Harpies all the way up to big boss battles with Gor’groth the ogre and Ravnyr the dragon. Every step of the way, you will be taught about how to use your controls and how most aspects of the game work, from how close you need to be to fight someone to how to maneuver around bosses to stay out of danger.

Courtesy of Blizzard

As nice as Exile’s Reach is, as you play through it, it is really quite clear that it is designed for brand new players who are in need of help along the way. If you’re a returning player, it can be a little bit frustrating to run through quests that are filled with instructions and padding to keep you safe. As I played through it, I found myself exploring all of the areas, even outlying islands, looking for something new to try, because it is all rather standard. As a returning player, you also have the option when beginning the journey to Shadowlands to start in your character’s normal starting zone and make your way up to level 50 in a more open map and quest environment. From there, you can enter Shadowlands on the 23rd. If you are an experienced player who doesn’t really need tutorials anymore, I would recommend starting in this secondary option, unless you really want to explore Exile’s Reach, which is a pretty cool island in and of itself.

Courtesy of Blizzard

However you choose to begin your Shadowlands adventure, be it through Exile’s Reach or your normal starting zone, the excitement around this upcoming release has been built up almost beyond the breaking point, so enjoy these last few days in whichever zone you choose, and soon, I’ll see you in the shadows.

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