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Extra Gaming Foolery 3

One thing we can all (hopefully) agree on is that the internet is always good for some frequent laughs. In this newly-formed series titled “This Week in Gaming Foolery,” we take a look at some random esports and gaming-related shenanigans, memes, clips, and other funny moments across social media from the previous week. And because you can never have too much joy and laughter, here’s some extra gaming foolery!


We start this edition of extra gaming foolery with some extra heat (and pain)…

Yo, Swaz you good??! 🤣

When all you want for Christmas is some G FUEL… the reaction though, lol. Courtesy of esports content creation team, NocturnalGG.

When the meme is too true…

If you’re an NBA fan who frequents the internet and social media, you’ve likely come across the likes of Mark Phillips, and the RDCworld crew. The group of friends are pioneers of the popular Video Game House series, and are known for their gaming and anime content as well as hilarious skits across a wide degree of topics, including sports.

**If you don’t follow the NBA, the topic at hand will be lost on you; feel free to skip.

23 seconds of pure, random tomfoolery…

In celebration of the fictional birthday of Street Fighter’s Guile on December 23, check out a few videos from the viral “Guile’s theme goes with everything” movement to conclude this edition of Foolery. The legendary theme was masterfully used for hilarious mashups across various pop culture settings.


This has been your weekly reminder that the gaming verse is fundamentally fun, extravagantly entertaining, and full of foolery. Here’s to a new year of more joy and laughter! #2021

For some extra gaming foolery, click here.

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