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Extra Gaming Foolery

Say what you will about the internet—comment on the drama it can bring, the toxicity, and any other negative connotations that come with it. There’s always the good and there’s always the bad. But always, too, is the downright silly, unusual, goofy, and simply funny.   No matter how you feel about the internet, one thing we can all (hopefully) agree on is that it is good for some frequent laughs. In this newly-formed series titled “This Week in Gaming Foolery,” we take a look at some random esports and gaming-related shenanigans, memes, clips, and other funny moments across social media from the previous week. And because you can never have too much joy and laughter, here’s some extra gaming foolery!


That feeling of securing a dub despite your minimal contributions. No lies detected lmao.

Some things you just can’t explain… Polarizing internet personality and streamer Tyler1 is no stranger to being the highlight of a meme. But this interesting one takes it to the necks level (See what I did there? Laugh at the cringeness if nothing else…)

Just here for the sheer randomness of this mutated “version” of Spiderman swinging with a hot dog in hand…

Bopped so hard in the dome it knocked Coco Bandicoot out of her world in Crash 3 straight into the Kingdom Hearts opening scene 😂. Genius comedic innovation from editor Wari.

G2 Esports content creator Deansocool stay schemin’

Don’t know whether to laugh or feel embarrassed for the kid, tbh…

There’s this webcam-based game called Take This Lollipop which simulates a horror experience using a pre-recorded virtual horror scene. Streamer Ruiriupanda felt every bit of the thrill as this poor Sam fellow got offed before her eyes.

These next two came just before December 1, but are too good not to share as we usher in this new series of amusing content across the esports and gaming landscapes.

First off is this hilarious rib of pro Call of Duty player ZooMaa’s basketball jump shot from his own partner and meme enthusiast, @michaelaaann, with the brilliant comparison to someone hanging for dear life as they dangle from the cliff of a mountain. Savage.

This young content creator showed his support for his favorites of the FaZe 5 top 100 in his own unique way…

Light vs Dark | Imposters vs. the Fall dudes

There was perhaps no game that had the gaming world buzzing more than Fall Guys during the summer until Among Us burst onto the scene, cutting its reign on top short. Professional memer and content creator ToastedShoes showed us what a clash between the two games would look like in the world of Star Wars Battlefront 2 in this ridiculous yet cool and comical mod.

This has been your {second} weekly reminder that the gaming verse is fundamentally fun, extravagantly entertaining, and full of foolery.

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