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Fall Guys Crushes Record, Becomes the Most Downloaded PS Plus Game Ever

Ahhh yes… yet another Fall Guys article. When you become the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time, you kinda deserve every mention you get, eh? The wildly popular battle royale extravaganza accomplished this feat in less than a month.

Ever since its release on Aug. 4, Fall Guys has been the talk of the gaming world in the wake of a global pandemic and social and political tension at an all-time high. Additionally, its rapid meteoric rise has given us one of the greatest gaming moments in recent history.

After eight days and over 600 straight losses, Timthetatman’s legendary journey to the crown was full of much more ‘downs’– falls if you will– than ups. One of millions of memes and other shenanigans over the course of Fall Guys historic month. Source: Screenrant

Even more than that, it’s only been here for a cool minute. Fall Guys has only just begun. It is not only the game we wanted… but the game we needed.

Fall Guys Crushes Record, Becomes the Most Downloaded PS Plus Game Ever
Source: Mediatonic

What do you get when you combine an assortment of up to 60 wacky and colorful jellybean blob-like figures with one three-dimensional space for rounds at a time of complete chaos, mayhem, and pandemonium, players frantically scurrying around like petrified yet determined squirrels while trying to avoid utter annihilation, humiliation, and elimination from complex obstacles and thrilling mini games, all united under the ambition of being the one and only conquering symbol of excellence as the last man standing??! 

**pauses to catch breath**

Well you get where this is going…

In the midst of what has been a crazy month in the middle of an even crazier year, the gaming gods graced us with the timely, divine emergence of Fall Guys. For those that don’t know, Fall Guys is a battle royale frenzy of 60 players who compete in multiple rounds and various mini-games. The goal is to qualify for the next rounds by successfully completing each of the randomly selected mini-games— some of which are a massive race to the finish line— while others require elements of teamwork. Each mini-game comes with complex obstacles, and those who are too slow or who fail certain requirements for a mini-game are eliminated. A select few players that have persevered through all of the challenges compete in a final match, where the winner is the last man standing.

The fate of 59 of the 60 competitors, who will inevitably fall into oblivion. Source: Mediatonic

The historic month for the chaotic battle royale game started with its Aug. 4 release, attracting 1.5 million players on its first day. It has since cracked two million players on the video game digital distribution service Steam—in less than a week—and is now at over seven million. The official Fall Guys Twitter account has a following of 1.4 million.

Some stats as of Aug. 14, approximately a week and a half into the games release. Numbers don’t lie. Source: Mediatonic

The hype is real folks. As aforementioned, Fall Guys is officially the single most downloaded game in the history of PS Plus as of Aug. 26. So, within a span of only 22 days, it has cemented itself as a fixture of the gaming community, a well of much laughter and joy, and a permanent stamp on the history of video games.

How does one properly pay homage to such a quick ascension to the top? I don’t know, but I can tell you with certainty that this achievement further solidified what we already knew: August 2020 was indeed the month of Fall Guys.

Kudos to you Mediatonic. Here’s a crown for ya.

A shiny crown.

Season 2 of Fall Guys looks to continue its massive success!

Finally, if you just can’t get enough Fall Guys, here’s a look behind the scenes (and behind the schemes.) This game’s got only good things coming.

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