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FaZe 5 Top 100 Round 4 Highlights: Collab Challenge

We’ve reached the climax of stage 2 of the FaZe 5 Recruitment Challenge. What a ride it has been! Each step of the way, the remaining 100 prospects proved exactly why they were selected by FaZe to move on to the next stage of the RC through their exceptional responses to each challenge given to them.

In an interesting twist, FaZe Clan wanted to see how the finalists would work with a partner—so they partnered each individual with another finalist from the top 100. This dynamic made for some intriguing collaborations, and amazing displays of teamwork amongst rivals all fighting for a spot in the top 20.

FaZe 5

Here’s a look at some of the standout submissions from the fourth and final challenge of the top 100.

Chase Your Dreams | @thome210 & @RichHomieQu1nnn 🏃

For this outstanding submission, we got a glimpse at the passion of two devoted gamers, not only as Thome and RichHomieQuinn… but as Gabriel and Quinn. The two share a common story of determination as young gamers from different countries united by their passion for video games. This inspirational video narrates their stories as they devote their lives to leading their own path and chasing their dreams.  

D x D Film | @DillyVFXFilms & @ItsDisembodied 🎬

We’ve seen plenty of “cracked” gamers throughout FaZe 5, but this submission displays the cracked creativity of a videographer and a creative director. Dilly and Disembodied combine their evil geniuses to produce some dope, dark visuals, special effects and other very cool stuff that I still don’t quite understand (or rather, can’t explain.)

One thing I do understand though… this was lit.

Thrillcam | @FleaYT & @l2thhour 📷

This was exactly what you’d expect from a 12th and Flea joint—thrilling cinematics, visuals, and crisp edits, all wrapped into two minutes of a high quality, clean montage. Even more impressive considering it was done in only five days, an otherwise-short window for the grind it takes to create an epic montage.

Dream Team | @TimpersHD & @conradyjw 🖌️ 🎨

A stunningly amazing graphic from creative powerhouses Timpers and Conrady. Their artistic talents have impressed and amazed many throughout the entirety of the FaZe 5 RC, and it all culminated to this fine piece of art. They say a picture is worth a thousand words? Bet. I have nothing else to say.

For the Culture | @AlohaMyTv & @GalexVII 🇦🇸 🇭🇳

One beams with pride for his Polynesian culture—the other, for his Spanish heritage. Together, Aloha and Galex narrate each other’s backgrounds and common attachment to culture, faith, and family as they look to usher in a new generation of FaZe. #Evolution

And that does it for the highlights of the last round of the top 100—exceptional work by all, including the many others who you did not see in this list. This round concludes two weeks’ worth of tight deadlines and demanding challenges, forcing many to step out of their comfort zones at times for a shot at FaZe glory. Best of luck to everyone moving forward.

Now… we wait.

Top 20 is up next.

For more highlights from stage 2/top 100, click the links below.

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