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FaZe 5 Top 20 Round 1 Highlights: Viral Challenge

From over 200,000 applicants to 20, the final round of the #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge has arrived. The journey thus far has been a wild one, full of many exciting moments and amazing content. For the first round of the top 20, FaZe gave the finalists five days to attempt to make one of three submissions across YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, go viral. The top 20 did not disappoint in this 3-for-1 challenge.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the first challenge of the top 20.


Lemonade | @FleaYT 🍋

The one and only Flea gives us his take on the viral hit, “Lemonade” by Internet Money in a way only he can. This sweet and refreshing montage quenches the thirst for compelling content with ice-cold visuals, beats, and all the other ingredients that come with a Flea production.

The Underdog | @loughh_ 🐕

If there’s one thing that Lough has proven throughout his FaZe 5 journey, it’s that his work ethic and resilience are as certain as the sky is blue. This Tiktok submission highlights a community-driven streamer whose mission is to spread positivity, lead by example, and thrive in the FaZe5 RC despite being the underdog.


I Thrive as The Underdog😈 Let’s show them how strong our community is💜 #fyp #FaZe @fazeclan #FaZe5 #underdog #inspire #FaZeLough #gaming #Twitch

♬ Night Trouble By Petit Biscuit – Tyler

Super Saiyan Kit | @Cannaestia 🐈

The powerful force of friendship overcoming all is a staple of popular animes such as Dragonball Z. Cannaestia hilariously demonstrates how the will to protect can turn a precious kitty into a… Super Saiyan??

For the Culture | @Zogoro 🇪🇸 ⏱️

From day one, Spain’s own Zogoro has progressed through the FaZe 5 journey not only for himself, but also for the entire Spanish-speaking community. This wonderful submission briefly documents his rise to the top 20, as he is now one step away from realizing a dream and bringing FaZe glory and sniping content to his people. With an entire nation behind him, Zogoro sends one clear message to FaZe: it’s time.

#FreeRogan | @RowdyRogan ⛓️

News of the young prodigy’s Warzone “ban” took the internet by storm and resulted in a viral uproar of support, confusion, criticism, and everything in between; Forbes even reported on the story. I’ve talked about it at length here, but one thing’s for sure: it went viral.  

Speaking of viral, young Rowdy Rogan lookin’ like he’s bout to drop the hardest album of 2020. 😂

Source: Instagram/Rowdy Rogan

Pizza Time | @StevieDoesYT 🍕

From Rust to crust 😂, and story time to pizza time. Exquisite storyteller Stevie takes his narrating talents to the kitchen as he creates a FaZe, pesto, prosciutto pizza for his TikTok submission.


Faze asked me to make a TikTok, so here’s a pizza 😎#fyp #Faze5 #pesto #prosciutto #pizza #masterchef

♬ original sound – Stevie

COD Tryhard Experience.EXE | @itsHunterTV 🎭

The master of memes himself comes through with another banger full of laughs and ridiculous shenanigans only seen in a HunterTV experience. With an intro featuring one of the funniest internet personalities today, FlightReacts, and the COD Cold War & Warzone season one cinematic, this experience is full of amusement from start to finish. 

One Chip Challenge x3 | @AbsorberYT 🥵

With a fire in his belly (literally) and an insatiable burning desire to accomplish a lifelong dream, Absorber—if nothing else—proved one thing for sure with this submission: anything for FaZe.


I’ll eat 5 of them if this TikTok gets 5 million likes, I promise.. 😭😂 #foryou #foryoupage #fypage #fazeup #faze5 #fazeabsorber

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

One down, one more to go! Stay tuned for highlights of the final round of the #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge.

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