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FaZe Ewok Makes History by Coming Out as Transgender

As hard as we may try, we will never physically understand what it is like to be another person, to feel the pressures acting on them, the way they view the world, the experience they have lived. We know that listening to others’ perspectives makes us better, but too often, we don’t know how, either through emotional unavailability or through limited access to said perspectives. Today, FaZe Ewok ensured that his story was shared by posting on twitter a message coming out as transgender. In a landmark move for representation, Ewok has allowed us the opportunity to learn from his experiences by becoming the first openly transgender guy in a tier 1 esports organization.

In the post, Ewok explains that “not everybody [is] ready to come out and it is not all about coming out. It’s about celebrating others and finally [being] free to walk in beautiful paradise with others… You are worthy and loved.” As right as Ewok is, the clear message he espouses is still unfortunately met with resistance in the modern world, especially in gaming. Us at Stropse have written about gaming representation in terms of LGBT+ as well as gendered influence, and for all our research, we have come to realize one immutable truth: there is much work to be done.

The transgender flag. Courtesy of the official UK Civil Service Blog

It is on us as an esports community to support Ewok through his journey to simply express himself as he is. By making his story public, Ewok has invited both support and, unfortunately, vitriol from those who seek to deny him his own identity. To offset these hateful voices, we as a community must voice love, letting Ewok know unabashedly that he is accepted for who he is. 

Courtesy of the Human Rights Campaign

To hear Ewok’s full story, click here. We at Stropse wish Ewok nothing but fulfillment in his realized identity.

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