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Welcome to the Festival of Beasts! TFT Set 4.5 Unveiled By Riot Games

Following the success of Teamfight Tactic Galaxy’s Mid-Season update, Riot Games announced The Festival of Beasts Midseason Updates for TFT. This update includes a slew of new champion additions, removals, and some quality of life changes.

All photos and images courtesy of Riot Games

What Was Removed?

In total, The Festival of Beasts saw the removal of 16 champions and five traits. Some traits were parts of major meta-compositions, including Dusk, Moonlight and Shade. Furthermore, some of the most powerful champions in the game including Ahri, Jhin and Ashe have been shown the door and will be removed from the game. 

Here is an overview of the traits and champions leaving the game:

  • Moonlight
    • Lissandra
    • Sylas
    • Aphelios
  • Dusk
    • Vayne
    • Thresh
    • Cassiopea
    • Riven
    • Lillia
  • Dazzler
    • Lux
    • Ezreal
  • Hunter
    • Warwick
    • Ashe
  • Shade
    • Kayn
    • Evelynn 
  • Other Champions
    • Nami
    • Hecarim
    • Jinx
    • Xin Zhao
    • Jhin
    • Ahri

In addition, some champions who fall under these categories have been reworked and reclassed.

  • Diana
    • Moonlight / Assassin → Spirit / Assassin
  • Zed
    • Ninja / Shade → Ninja / Slayer
  • Kindred
    • Spirit / Hunter → Spirit / Executioner
  • Morgana
    • Enlightened / Dazzler → Enlightened / Syphoner

Roaring in with Dragonsoul

With these removals, 7 major class changes and 20 new champions will be added into the game, starting with Dragonsoul: a new trait that replaces the Dusk element. With a 3/6/9 build path (and a spatula item), Dragonsoul buff themselves with powerful stat gains and a dragon’s attack. 

The following Champions with this trait are being added into the game:

  • Brand: Tier 1 Dragonslayer/Mage
  • Tristana: Tier 1 Dragonslayer/Sharpshooter
  • Braum: Tier 2 Dragonslayer/Vanguard
  • Shyvana: Tier 3 Dragonslayer/Brawler
  • Olaf: Tier 4 Dragonslayer/Slayer
  • Aurelion Sol: Tier 4 Dragonslayer/Mage
  • Swain: Tier 5 Dragonslayer/Syphoner

One champion to keep your eye on is Olaf, who is returning to TFT similar to his appearance in Set 2. As Olaf was incredibly strong that set, can the viking return to further glory? It is yet to be determined.

An example composition highlighting Dragonsoul

Next is Fabled: a mythical class that amplifies existing abilities of champions within it. Champs like Nautilus gain damage resistance, Neeko gets more damage, and Cho’Gath causes an AOE knockup that can expand to the entire board (a nice nod to Set 3 Cho’Gath).

The following Champions with this trait are being added into the game:

  • Nautilus: Tier 2 Fabled/Vanguard
  • Neeko: Tier 3 Fabled/Mystic
  • Cho’Gath: Tier 4 Fabled/Brawler
An example composition highlighting Fabled

Syphoners are a draining class that provide a healing boost to the entire team as well as an additional healing for Syphoners themselves.

The following Champions with this trait are being added/reworked into the game:

  • Nasus: Tier 1 Syphoner/Divine
  • Vladimir: Tier 2 Syphoner/Cultist
  • Morgana: Tier 4 Syphoner/Enlightened
  • Swain: Tier 5 Syphoner/Dragonblood
An example composition highlighting Syphoner

Similarly, Slayers are a lifestealing archetype that steal life and heal themselves. The lower the Slayer, the higher the lifesteal. The lower the target, the higher the damage dealt.

The following Champions with this trait are being added/reworked into the game:

  • Zed: Tier 2 Slayer/Ninja
  • Darius: Tier 3 Slayer/Fortune
  • Olaf: Tier 4 Slayer/Dragonblood
  • Tryndamere: Tier 4 Slayer/Warlord/Duelist
  • Samira: Tier 5 Slayer/Daredevil/Sharpshooter
An example composition highlighting Slayers

Finally we have Executioners. Executioners are similar to the Valkyrie class of Set 3 that deal high amounts of damage for late game devastation.

The following Champions with this trait are being added/reworked into the game:

  • Kindred: Tier 3 Spirit
  • Kayle: Tier 4 Divine
  • Xayah: Tier 4 Elderwood Keeper
An example composition highlighting Executioners

Legendaries Incoming

In addition to the brand new champions, there are two unique Legendary Champions (Tier 5) that will sure to make a splash. 

First, a Stropse favorite, Ornn, an Elderwood/ Vanguard/Blacksmith. While Ornn himself will be an incredibly tanky monster, it’s his Blacksmith trait that will allow him to craft game warping Artifacts that can easily alter the game.

Joining him is Samirah, a Daredevil/Slayer/Sharpshooter. Just like her splashy in-game counterpart, Samirah’s Daredevil trait allows her to jump around the battlefield damaging enemies without mana and using her ultimate to deal massive damage in no time.

Finally, there a few other champions joining the fray to replace those lost

  • Rakan – Tier 2 Elderwood Keeper
  • Sivir – Tier 3 Cultist Sharpshooter

Presents Galore!

There is also a new addition to the in-game mechanics: Lucky Lanterns. Each game, all eight players will receive a lantern with additional gameplay enhancements such as gold and Neeko’s Help. There also four new items that will be added in these lanterns.

  • Shop Reroller – an item that when placed on a champion will reroll the entire shop to reveal champions of the selected trait. For example: if one chooses Irelia, champions of Adept, Enlightened and Divine will appear in the shop.
  • Item Remover – removes an unwanted item from a champion on your bench or field
  • Item Reroller – rerolls any item or component (except spatulas and spatula items)
  • Training Dummy – an item designed to absorb damage and distract enemies while your team strikes

Whew, that’s a lot of changes. Expect a lot more to be announced and changed as the mid-season patch heads to the Test Realm on Wednesday.

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