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“Finishing The Fight:” Top Tips To Dominate The Field In Halo MCC (and 5)

You can’t rely on RNG here. Whether It’s Halo: CE or Halo 5, you’re going to be forced to play smarter and prioritize certain weapons. These tips can help you treat other players like they’re the grunts.

Courtesy of Xbox Game Studios

To kick off this simple list we’re starting off with Loadouts and general tips for each game that’ll keep you higher up on the scoreboards. We’re excluding ODST and Reach because those multiplayers aren’t as popular with the online player base.

Halo: CE

  • For Halo: CE, almost every gun you’ll pick up is a sniper, and that includes the shotgun. Nothing beats the magnum and a quick trigger finger, and god have mercy for any living thing you throw the nuclear weapon that is the Grenade at. It’s gone.
  • These maps are often smaller, really giving you that Quake feel. Due to their small size, they aren’t hard to memorize, and once you get the hang of where the rocket launcher is for your magnum backup, what else is there to need?
  • Melee works differently here. Each gun gives its own “punch” that varies, the AR being the biggest. Jumping and meleeing in the air is also a very good way to pack an extra punch so long as you don’t abuse it.

Halo 2

  • The battle rifle and magnum are your best friends here. Sure, other weapons pack a punch, but if you don’t want to scout around for that rocket launcher, then these should be your go-to. “Magnum” is just a fancy word for “sniper rifle.”
  • Map sizes get bigger, forcing you to really memorize where the big boss guns are. With each game, it’s going to feel like Quake on steroids. Veteran players will make these maps unforgiving.
  • Melee, shoot, reload, and in that order. Spam them because the other guy will too and you’ll be fighting fire with fire every time you load into a map. Cancel reload with double Y and repeat. Halo 2 is very unforgiving. You will not have fun in competitive maps unless you are a masochist.

Halo 3

  • You’ll finally be putting down the BR and magnum for any explosive weapon and a magnum. That’s how Halo is. Your one goal is to appease the Magnum Gods.
  • By this point, you should be fully aware that the map sizes are going to get bigger and the pickups a bit more popular. Crosshair placement is more vital now than the previous two games, and if you aren’t clearing corners you’re going to have a bad time (Yes, because of the magnum.)
  • Lead your shots. It seems weird doing this in a Halo game, but plasma weapons are horrible at hitting moving targets unless you got a good amount of wiggle room placed where your target is going. A 2-3 second max lead depending on how fast they are moving is the golden rule unless they are in a vehicle.

Halo 4

  • Loadouts matter less here. Now is the time to pick a gun you’ve loved through the last three games or in the campaign and stick with it. If in doubt; magnum.
  • Choose when to fight and when to run. DMR’s are going to get your BR and magnum 9/10. Learn to start playing more of a support role instead of a lone-wolf. Worst comes to worst, you and your teammate are kill swapping instead of being tilted.
  • Use the Recon layout if you are new to the game or series. It really helps with your aim and gives you the motivation and patience for when you get stomped.

Halo 5

  • In objective-based games, stop worrying about kill count and worry about the objective. No one cares about your KD in Halo.
  • Counter-playing here is really important. Halo 5 is where RNG comes in more than the previous four games. This means having outs/cover and knowing if you are a flanker or run-and-gunner.
  • Get used to the idea that you and your team are horrible because you will be treated as such (Looking at you, lone-wolfers). This doesn’t mean you’re horrible, but either way, the magnum doesn’t care.
  • Learn these maps like the back of your hand. Pickups will matter more here than in any previous game and can flip the tide in your team’s favor.

Granted, these are only three tips per game, but they’ve really helped me boost my overall confidence and ability to handle myself. The internet is chock-full of tips that go farther in depth than these, but they are simple and easy to remember without being bogged down by complex details. Now grab a magnum and get in there.

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