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First Strike North America is on the Way. What Should We Expect?

The eight best teams are locked-in and waiting to fight in the First Strike North America tournament, which will start on December 3rd. There is no doubt: the tournament will witness outstanding moments while the teams move forward in the hall of glory. Who is going to take the crown at the end of the road? 

First Strike
Courtesy of Riot Games



When Envy was first established, they looked like a regular VALORANT team who tried their best but wasn’t quite up-to-par. However, the team managed to improve their performance in quite a short time, soon opposing the best teams of North America. 

After the addition of T1’s former star duo of food and crashies in September, Envy has been looking sharp. Alongside the gun power that came with the new bloods, the team’s been putting in major efforts as a whole, and this may make them my first pick for the crown.


Sentinels is one of the best teams in North America; maybe the best. However, the team isn’t as strong as they used to be, as we saw in the NSG Tournament. There, they qualified to the First Strike Main Event only by taking fourth place. 

Not playing in any big event for nearly two months seems like it is affecting Sentinels in a bad way. Even though they were capable of winning the matches, the team showed real weaknesses during rounds, which led me to think that they aren’t as strong as before. Still, Sentinels had a month to prepare for this tournament and remain among the best teams, especially including the incredible players in their roster.

No Surprise If They Win


Many of you guys might wonder why I didn’t list TSM in the “Front-Runners” category. Let me explain. TSM gains their power from individual plays, not team play, and in tournaments like this, individual performances don’t lead you to championships. On the other hand, TSM is still a stronger team than other participants, especially when Subroza and WARDELL go crazy at the same time. If WARDELL finds his comfort zone after the Operator nerf and other members of TSM contribute more, they could be able to lift the trophy.

100 Thieves

After rebuilding the roster around star players like nitr0 and Hiko, 100 Thieves can finally be considered a good team. They have every piece that can lead them to victory, but they just need more time. They’ve been playing together as a full roster for only a month, and this period of time isn’t enough for a team to reach their peak. Still, 100 Thieves showed us in the qualifier that they are capable of beating top teams like Sentinels and TSM. Why wouldn’t they be able to do it again?

There Is Always Hope If You Believe Enough


I don’t think there is another team in the VALORANT scene that deals with mess as much as T1, but here they are at the main event of First Strike North America. Even though they were one of the earliest teams to establish a VALORANT squad, the team couldn’t find too much success since. After the return of Skadoodle to the main roster alongside DaZed and Spyder, T1 finally has the train on the track. They eliminated Cloud9 Blue in the UMG tournament and performed well while doing it; however, T1 still isn’t powerful enough to come in first. #HopeSpringsEternal


With three new additions— neptune, jmoh and ShoT_UP— Immortal has more potential than before. But they have to beat Envy in the quarterfinals to advance through the tournament, and I think for them, it’s more than a difficult task. The roster has to practice more to be considered a top team.

Sorry Boys, Maybe Later

FaZe Clan and Renegades are the weakest participants of this tournament. Both teams have been playing as a whole for nearly 3 months, but yet they are far from becoming a champion team. I don’t think they have a chance to move forward in this tournament.

Those are my predictions for the top-performing teams in the tournament, but truth be told, we won’t know what happens until December 3rd, when the tournament starts. Stay tuned: us as Stropse have you covered.

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