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Former employee reveals long-hidden Easter Egg in The Last of Us

I got some real juicy stuff for you today. An Easter Egg that has been hidden since 2013 in the popular game The Last of Us has just come out. Rodney Reece released a tweet that explains to fans an undiscovered secret that has been in the game since it first came out.

Apparently, a seaplane from the popular series Uncharted has just been chilling in the game for years, and literally no one has noticed. Like, literally no one. There was not one other hit on the internet linking this plane to the game before this tweet came out, prompting Reece, a level designer at Respawn Entertainment, to break the secret himself.

This is absurd. With so many people playing this game, it seems almost impossible that a secret like this could go unfound for so long. I almost wonder if the game did not mean for the secret to go on for this long.

The Last of Us
Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Easter Eggs are such a cool and interesting part of the video game world. It is almost like a secret scavenger hunt  placed in games that can go on for years. I thoroughly enjoy researching and keeping up to date on all there is to know about the secrets of my favorite games.

So, what do you guys think, is this Easter Egg worth any hype? Or is it just simply a boat that no one really noticed for a while?

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