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Fortnite Pro Issa Retires Due to Hand Injury

Injury is a part of every sport, and players have to deal with it throughout their career. In esports, we’ve seen many professional players suffer because of it; sometimes, they’ve even had to quit. Recently, one of the youngest stars in the Fortnite scene entered the list of pro players to retire due to injury: 19-year-old Issa “Issa” Rahim, who announced his retirement from Fortnite as a consequence of hand injury.

The young player’s been struggling with the hand injury for a while, and at the end, he decided to retire for his own good. Issa shared his thoughts with a tweetlonger on Twitter: “I don’t know how to start this, but I’m quitting. As many of you know I signed with an org and was gonna try content creation but it just doesn’t work with my hand…”

Photo courtesy of Ghost

Issa had an incident which caused Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in his hand in early 2019. The young player’s been dealing with the pain and trying to play by avoiding it. During last year, he sent a couple of tweets which mentioned quitting or switching to keyboard + mouse, since playing with a controller makes his injury worse.

After taking several breaks from competitive Fortnite, Issa couldn’t return to the scene in the form he wanted and became a content creator. However, his hand doesn’t allow him to play Fortnite, according to the statement. 

“I appreciate every single one of you that supported me on my journey over the past three years and I’m very grateful for all of you. I had the best time of my life and became one of the best which has always been my dream. Couldn’t have done any of this without you guys,” Issa said.

The former pro also mentioned he’s still going to stream every once in a while, but mostly going to focus on other stuff and do his thing.

Issa started his career in 2018 by attending the Skirmish Series of Fortnite. Unlike other players, he was playing with a controller, which helped him shine in the limelight to the point that he was noticed by Ghost. After several successful tournaments, including World Cup 2019, Issa’s injury peaked in 2020 and forced him to quit.

We the Stropse team wish Issa a quick and full recovery.

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