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Fortnite Reveals New Monthly Subscription “Fortnite Crew”

After several surveys and rumors, Epic Games finally announced their brand-new monthly subscription system that will be called “Fortnite Crew.” Starting on December 2nd, the new system will offer exclusive skins, V-Bucks and a battle pass.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

In the beginning of November, Epic Games sent out a survey to players asking their opinions about a new monthly subscription for Fortnite. Though this survey received many positive comments from players, it has also caused rumors among the community for the last couple of weeks. However, the rumors ended as the official announcement came out.

Fortnite’s new subscription, Fortnite Crew, contains the battle pass of the season, 1,000 bonus V-Bucks every month, and a new monthly “Crew Pack” for $11.99. The new Crew Pack features exclusive outfits alongside one matching accessory: glider, pickaxe or emote. The new pack’s content will change every month and be fully unique, which means they won’t be sold in the game market.

Also, Crew Pack’s December contents were revealed. It will consist of the Galaxia skin, Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling. Every upcoming month, the content list of Crew Pack will be published, so you can decide if you will extend your subscription or not.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

If you already bought the current season’s battle pass and want to purchase Fortnite Crew, don’t worry; when you buy the new subscription, the 950 V-Bucks you spent will return to your account. As a reminder, you have to select your primary platform correctly to obtain the contents in the right account, because the features of Fortnite Crew are not transferable.

You can access the new system starting on December 2nd through the in-game Item Shop or Battle Pass purchase screen.

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