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From a Packed House to the FaZe House: Family Man Faxuty Talks Making it Big

“FaZe 4, because I’m already fucking in.”

For anyone else, the prediction would’ve been at best facetious and at worst disqualifying. The FaZe 5 recruitment challenge saw 200,000-plus uniquely gifted hopefuls vying for a spot in the legendary FaZe Clan; the odds of actually being one of the five (or six) members inducted weren’t just small, they were microscopic. Saying you were guaranteed a spot in FaZe was like saying you were guaranteed a trip to the moon. But from the get-go, one man stood by a prediction so bold, so daring, so in-your-face ridiculous, it was fated to come true. His name? 


“I was confident, I was feeling it, and I kept that energy. I kept that mindset throughout the whole challenge,” he beams.

His high-octane energy hooked us all, but we were kept on the line by his genuine spirit. Beyond his self-assured exterior, Faxuty is a loving man grounded in an unflinching respect for those around him. “I feel like the people in the audience and in the community are my family,” he explains. “Everyone sees that it’s genuine, that it’s passion that drives [my] energy. And it ain’t going nowhere anytime soon.”

We at Stropse were ecstatic to talk to Faxuty about the importance of family, the importance of gaming, and all the intersections in between. To kick off our week of #FaZe5 interviews, we present an in-depth look at FaZe Faxuty.


Faxuty is a larger-than-life personality, but he came of age in a humble, cramped environment. He has seven sisters and two brothers, and growing up in a “Five-bedroom house” where “The expenses [were] up there,” he didn’t have a lot of space to himself. “Fun fact,” he shares. “I’m 23-years-old, but I actually recently just got my own room, not too long ago. And that’s because of the fact that [my brother and I] had to share a room.” 

The upside to growing up in a packed Los Angeles-turned-Sacramento household was all the time Faxuty spent surrounded by family. “It’s beautiful,” he reminisces. “Just knowing that if I leave this room right now, my little sisters are playing, running around, my brother’s out there in his room playing video games or he’s downstairs. It’s just a vibe, it really is… Family really is everything.”

Faxuty explains that he and his family would always find things to do together, whether it was playing tag, running to the park, playing hide-and-seek, or a combination of all three. While these were all things he’ll “Never forget and cherish for the rest of [his] life,” one activity he held especially dear was playing video games with his brother.

“I have so many stories, but my favorite one is probably when my brother and I would fight all the time,” he remembers with a smile. He explains that growing up, he and his brother had a PS3 with one copy of Modern Warfare II. Though they both wanted playtime, they had to learn to share, and complications ensued. 

“We used to play in the garage, and dude, we were like, ‘Alright, you play one game, I play one.’ He wanted to play two. Oh, it was bad. We’d get into fist fights, he would hit me, I’d hit him. But looking back at it, it wasn’t bad, you know, it was a good time. It’s something I definitely cherish.”

Back then, Faxuty used to dream about working in gaming. “I always wanted to be an entertainer, a content creator,” he explains. “I grew up watching FaZe… Watching Apex, watching Temperrr, whether it was Rain, Adapt, all the OGs… It’s just like, ‘Wow, this is what I want to do.”

Before he could start on his gaming dreams, though, he had to support his family, which has had its fair share of hard luck. At a young age, two of his father’s brothers passed away. Living without very many means, Faxuty’s father and his remaining brothers worked in the family business, a convenience store, where pay was low and hours were long. “They fed the family through that,” Faxuty explains. “The whole household: the kids, my grandma, everybody. 

“They went through so much that broke them down, but they didn’t choose to stay down, [they chose] just to get back up when they fell and to keep working no matter what because they got a family to feed… That’s something I learned from my dad: no matter how hard things get, no matter what you’re going through, you gotta keep going. You gotta put the work in.”

So when Faxuty became old enough to work, he “Started off working at Metro PCS. And then I moved from Metro to Cricket, and then Cricket back to Metro. And then, Boost Mobile.” He moved from place to place looking for the best pay to support his family and salvaging experience where he could, honing his people skills, refining his work ethic, and starting to make decisions on his own. He reflects, “Obviously it wasn’t my dream job, it wasn’t anything, you know, I wanted to do, but looking back at it I also cherish those moments, all of them. It was the people I met, the things that we went through. It’s definitely special.” 

Courtesy of Cricket

He’d work long hours: often, around 10 a day. But Faxuty’s inimitable spirit never wavered. The die-hard loudmouth gamer summoned the herculean strength to pursue his passion even while the world tried to keep him at bay. “I would do it while I was working the 10 hours,” he nonchalantly explains. “I would come home and still stream for three, four hours, you know, and get five hours of sleep. I kid you not, like it was an ongoing thing.” 

In the early days, Faxuty struggled to draw a crowd. But as his audience grew over time, he realized he needed to commit to his passion. Yet again, Faxuty would make lemonade out of lemons, embracing the global pandemic which laid him off his work. “It’s funny, because COVID’s like probably the best thing that ever happened to me,” he recalls. “It gave me the opportunity to take those hours that I was off work [and put them] into streaming, not just no three hour streams, but putting in an extra five hours and then having extra time to network, to meet people outside of just streaming. It was crazy.” 

Through quarantine, Faxuty’s streams exploded in popularity, and he soon found himself applying for the storied FaZe 5 recruitment challenge. With his family supporting him as well as the support of his newfound family of subscribers, Fax knew he had to make it big. He explains, “Everybody started hopping on the ‘FaZe 4, FaZe 4,’ and I was like, ‘OK, I can’t let nobody down now.’” 

As the challenge went on, Faxuty crushed it submission after submission, and soon, he found himself in the Top 100, and then the Top 20. Next came a moment he would remember for the rest of his life.

“Even now, just thinking about [that moment] has me feeling so many ways, has me feeling— I mean, I was crying,” he remembers. “I was going through so many things, and if you watch the video, you see that I break down in a good way, you know, just crying… It was the best day of my life.” 

Since joining FaZe, not much has changed for Faxuty day to day. He sees his integration into the clan as a continuation of the foundation he already had going, which prioritizes hard work and building community. “Yeah, I’m not done,” he insists. “I’m taking over. I said this and I’mma say it again, I’mma say it to everybody, and I’mma prove it; I’m gonna be one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, if not the biggest streamer on Twitch. That’s what I want, that’s what I’m going to make happen.”

And now, he’s more poised to make it happen than ever before. With the roaring support of both his family-family and his audience-family, Faxuty’s found yet another tribe: his Faze family.

After being invited to scope out the FaZe house and hang with the boys, Faxuty knew he’d developed relationships that would last him a lifetime. “It’s family,” he says. “Welcoming is not even enough, it was more than welcoming. Like, they all already knew me. It’s not like a ‘Who are you,’ it’s like, ‘This is my brother. This is Faxuty.’” 

As he walked through the sick $30 million mega-mansion, Faxuty noted all the amenities: a walk-in fridge, a loaded gym, a fully-stocked G Fuel room. But, even more than that, he stressed to his new brothers what family meant to him. “You need me for anything, I’ll be there,” he says. “I don’t care who it is, whatever you need, count on me to be there. Don’t be like, ‘Would Faxuty do this? Is he going to help with-’ No. Fauxty’s in… I really do count them as family, and it’s not just one-way.” 

To Faxuty, family is more than a source of support: it’s something to be supported. He’s shared his dreams, work, and boundless enthusiasm with his family, and as his family grows, his ambition only multiplies. “Family is everything,” Faxuty says, because he’s both a product of and provider for his family, a dutiful son and responsible older brother, an inhabitant of a packed Sacramento house and a VIP in a lofty LA mega-mansion. Faxuty gives and receives family: it flows through him. In this light, his mantra from the challenge takes on a new meaning: “FaZe 4, because I’m already fucking in.” Of course he knew he would find a new family in FaZe: he had so much more to give.

We sincerely thank Faxuty for his stories, spirit, and time. To check out his Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube accounts, click here, here, and here.

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