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FunPlus Phoenix Acquires GODSENT’s CSGO Roster

Chinese giant FunPlus Phoenix is preparing to enter the new season of Counter Strike: Global Offensive with a new roster after a messy beginning in 2020. The team made an agreement to acquire GODSENT’s CSGO roster, but there are multiple things which need to be done before approval.

Photo courtesy of GODSENT

The change was leaked yesterday by Rush Media’s Ryan with a picture in which FunPlus Phoenix presents its VALORANT and CSGO roster. In the picture, GODSENT’s CSGO roster is clearly seen as a part of FPX’s European franchises. 

After the news popped off, the Chinese organization’s general manager Petar Markovic shared a statement through Ryan and his personal Twitter account.

“We have been in deep talks with GODSENT in the past several months regarding their CSGO roster.” Markovic said. “The mutual agreement between FunPlus Phoenix and GODSENT about FPX acquiring their CSGO roster starting from 1.1.2021 has been made, and right now we are waiting for the players and their legal representatives to review and eventually sign their contracts.”

Even though the mutual agreement has come to the final phase, the fifth player of the team is still unclear as it isn’t shown in the picture. If the agreement is finalized, FPX’s next CSGO roster will look like this:

  • Jesse “zehN” Linjala
  • Martin “STYKO” Styk
  • Pavle “maden” Bošković
  • Asger “farlig” Jensen
  • Jonatan “Devilwalk” Lundberg (Coach)

FunPlus Phoenix entered the CSGO scene in March and became a partner of Flashpoint Season 1. However, the team’s plans didn’t go well as its deal with Heroic about acquiring the Danish team’s roster has failed since es3tag joined Astralis while the negotiation was still on going.

FPX is going to pick up another promising European squad if everything goes well.

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