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FunPlus Phoenix Changes Logo Prior To 2021 Season

One of the LPL’s most well-known organizations, FunPlus Phoenix, decided to make a clean start in the 2021 season. FPX announced that a logo change has been made and from now on, the logo will be the one as shown below. The World Champion logo has been shelved.

Photo courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix was founded in 2017. In 2018, FPX couldn’t perform enough and was thought to be an ordinary team that would not have any success, but in 2019 things got a little astounding. Tian and Doinb’s additions to the roster worked well and FunPlus Phoenix made history by winning the Worlds 2019 title.

The team announced the logo change with an impressive video. As all LPL fans know, FPX does a fantastic job on social media. The published video got almost 1k likes and over 100 retweets early, and is expected to get spread more in the coming days.

A couple weeks ago, FPX announced the signings of the new Korean players Nuguri and Prince. The team couldn’t find what it looked for with Khan, but Nuguri might be more special. Lwx was the guy on the roster who fans harassed the most after a loss. Not sure if Prince can find enough chances to prove himself, but he might get the Lwx uniform in the future. To sum up,  FPX’s roster looks scary on paper. 

Seems like FunPlus Phoenix is eager for a new challenge with the addition of Nuguri to the roster. Even if it hurts a little not to see the old logo, the new one also looks fire. We will get used to it in time.

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