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FunPlus Phoenix Outperforms nolpenki, Becomes Last Semi Finalist in First Strike: Europe

The quarterfinals of First Strike: Europe has ended with the FPX-nolpenki series. Nolpenki tried to survive against the series front-runner: FunPlus Phoenix (FPX), but did they try hard enough?

Photo courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix

Here’s the full recap of the series:


FunPlus Phoenix picked Bind as the starting map. Bind has been available since the closed beta of VALORANT, and has been played by FPX many times in tournaments so far. This gave then an advantage, and they started the map using slow-paced tactics, focusing on abilities instead of aims, which provided them a 9-3 lead in the first half. After winning the second pistol round, Nolpenki recovered the score, which turned the game into a chaos. They took a 10-9 lead, but Zyppaan and ANGE1 popped-off, giving the map win to FPX, 13-10.


Split was the last chance for nolpenki to stay in the tournament, and they didn’t want to lose that chance. Until the middle of the first half, nolpenki succeed in controlling the game. However, FPX decided enough was enough. The prominent team, one of the best in Europe, lost two of next fourteen rounds, claiming a 13-7 victory. While nolpenki said goodbye to the tournament, FunPlux Phoenix advanced to the semi finals, where they’ll face SUMN FC.

The Main Factor of the Win

There are multiple things that make FunPlus Phoenix a powerful team, but one specifically was crucial in today’s victory. The team showed us they’re among the most talented players in the scene and have no fear taking responsibility. FunPlus faltered a couple times in the series, lost control of the game, and came to the edge of losing. In those moments, every member of FPX stepped up respectively to save their team.


I mean, what are you doing old man? Do you have to be this good at the game? The in-game-leader of FunPlus Phoenix really put on a show this time. He suited every role the team needed, called big brain plays, and turned into an unstoppable entry-fragger. He made the right decision in the clutch rounds. ANGE1 was the best all-around player in the server today.


It wouldn’t be a party if you’re alone, am I right? Zyppan was ANGE1’s partner with his precious Raze. Using the right abilities at the right moments, he popped-off nearly every time he had to, saving the rounds. The Swedish player got thirty six frags throughout the series and showed us yet again that he is one of a kind.


I must say JESMUND gave what he had in his arsenal to grab this series. He played as Cypher for the both maps, but that didn’t stop him from being the second top fragger for nolpenki. Most importantly, the Fin player brought in critical rounds to his team by making clever movements around the map. JESMUND came to the forefront with his sharp aim alongside his knowledge of VALORANT today.

First Strike: Europe will continue tomorrow with Team Heretics – G2 Esports and SUMN FC – FunPlus Phoenix series. Both series will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch.

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