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FunPlus Phoenix’s VALORANT Team Parts Ways With Meddo

With the ending of VALORANT’s biggest tournament First Strike, teams have started to make roster changes to find success. Europe’s No. 3, FunPlus Phoenix, bid farewell to its Cypher player Johan “Meddo” Lundborg with an announcement made on the team’s social media accounts yesterday.

Funplus Phoenix
Photo courtesy of FunPlus Phoenix

According to the statement, the player and the team parted their ways “under mutual agreement.” “We’d like to say farewell and thanks to our colleague, companion, and friend Meddo. He will no longer serve for FPX VALORANT under mutual agreement.” FPX says in the post. 

“Meddo is now available to explore more options in VALORANT esports, and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!”

Even though the FPX side said the decision was made under mutual agreement, Meddo tweeted out and said, “I was surprised when I got the news yesterday.” First Strike: Europe was a disappointment for FunPlus Phoenix, which finished the tournament in third place after getting defeated by SUMN FC with a 2-1 in the semi finals. Still, no one thought this would lead the team to a roster alteration.

The Swedish player also said, “I sincerely wish the boys best of luck in the future. I’ve had a blast playing with them and got a lot of experience as a player. I also want to thank FPX for giving me a chance to play full time!” This tweet got many replies from pro players alongside fans, and most of them showed astonishment at FPX’s decision.

Meddo joined FunPlux Phoenix’s VALORANT roster in August thanks to his performances in FABRIKEN, which was one of the strongest EU teams in the earlier days of VALORANT. The 21-year-old player has been playing mostly Cypher so far and brings a 1.27 KDA with him. Meddo is among the best Cypher mains in the region, and now he’s looking for new opportunities to compete at the highest level.

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