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G2 Esports Advance to First Strike Semi-Finals, Taking Down Orgless

VALORANT First Strike: Europe finished its first day with an action-packed G2 Esports – Orgless series. Before the series played out, no one expected the matches to be close. However, these two well-prepared teams showed us how high level competition should be.

G2 Esports
Photo courtesy of G2 Esports

Here’s the summary of second quarter-final of First Strike: Europe

G2 started with full control of the map, as expected. Ruling every spot, they were able to make the rotations they wanted in the first three rounds. However, things shifted for the Rank 1 World’s team in the fourth round, after facing Hoody’s pistol in Orgless’ eco round. The Finn star hunted three G2 players in front of A, helping his team win their first round.

The next few rounds were davidp’s playground where he performed his god-like Sage skills. The Belgian used Sage’s wall in unusual ways, opting to get frags instead of waiting and benefiting from her supportive skills. With these actions G2 went ahead, 5-1.

With this advantage, G2 seemed unstoppable for the rest of the first half. They took every gunfight, and played quickly while wisely using abilities, showing no hesitation in doing so. G2 finished the first half of the Split with a 10-2 lead.

After a half like this, it seemed clear the second half would be a piece of cake G2. It wasn’t. Their high morale boost made them careless, causing them to make mistakes in the second pistol round, a present Orgless happily received. The underdog team grabbed the first round of the second half, and this was only the beginning.

After taking the G2 eco round, Orgless’ won the next beautifully, and won the first full-buy round on the attacker side. It was Orgless’ players’ turn to shine; they increased the speed of their game, didn’t pull back, and outplayed G2 over and over again until they tied the series at 10-10.

This was a wake up call for G2. They shook it off, recovered, and denied the unstoppable attacks of Orgless. The king of Europe returned to the game in the 21st round. With the round miraculously taken by Davidp, G2 managed to close the first map and beat Orgless, 13-11.

This close match helped Orgless realize something: they could possibly beat G2, but they’d have to perform well. While Orgless picked Jett, Raze, Viper, Sova, and Cypher for Bind, G2 preferred Raze, Cypher, Breach, Omen and Sova. Surprisingly, Mixwell didn’t play Jett throughout the series.

Unlike the first map, Orgless had a better start on the second, though Davidp denied them with seven kills in the first two rounds. Orgless didn’t lose their focus, performed well-designed attacker strategies, and held control of the game into the seventh round.

Then, G2 made a comeback, thanks to their capability of reading the game. They understood their opponent’s plans and waited for them to make mistakes. After some pop-offs and tremendous retakes, G2 ended the first half with a 8-4 lead.

Following the sides change, Viper became a more useful agent for Orgless in defence. Playing nearly perfect post-plants helped Orgless take the lead in the seventeenth round, 9-8, but G2 being the more experienced team made Orgless vulnerable at the end of the match. G2 Esports played the clutch rounds with no fear, every member of the team stepped up, and finally they triumphed, 13-10.

With this score, G2 Esports advanced to the semi-finals where they are set to face Team Heretics, while Orgless said goodbye to First Strike: Europe. The series’ top fragger was Hoody from Orgless with forty, while Mixwell followed him with thirty-nine.

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