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G2’s New Valorant Team Dominates The League Through Experience

With a recent WePlay Invitational win, entertainment brand G2 is showing us they have no plans of stopping their esports domination. Started by pro League of Legends player Charles “Ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago in 2014, the brand has gone from winning titles in League Of Legends to turning their phones to the side to compete in iRacing. From FPS games to even Hearthstone, the group has seen some serious accolades across their multiple teams. Now, they seem to have set their sights on a new prize: Valorant.

G2’s New Valorant Team Dominates The League Through Experience
Courtesy of Riot Games

G2’s newly-minted Valorant team already has three consecutive wins, and with such a strong showing off the bat, many fans have found themselves questioning what gives the team its edge. While the players are more than capable and no doubt have a bloodthirsty taste in their mouths as we speculate, the team shows serious promise in large part due to the collective experience of their roster.

G2 started their roster by making Mixwell the captain, a more-than-wise move considering his standing in CS:GO. Mixwell proved himself to be a top pick after winning Twitch Rivals: Valorant Launch Showdown, and after spending time as a backup in a few CS:GO games, he’s no stranger to G2. After a stunning performance in CS:GO, his new team has stated that there was no shortage of high-level rival teams inviting him to sign.

Mixwell’s accomplishments compliment those whom he’s leading. Fellow team member Ardiis has remained undefeated with a total of ten wins under his belt. Team member Pythe has won six of the ten Valorant league games he’s competed in since his retirement from CS:GO. Another CS:GO retiree, Patitek, rounds up the roster with five out of ten Valorant league matches won.

With so many similarities between Valorant and CS:GO, this newly-formed team just might be able to use their previous FPS experience to toss others aside. Because G2’s new team is composed mostly of players who retired from a mirrored game, their experience leaves them a force to be reckoned with. All that’s left to do now is see how long they can keep the win streak.

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