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What Games To Play According To Your Favorite Film Genre

When it comes to what we enjoy in films, television, and gaming, we all have certain genres that we love above the rest. And whether you love horror, classics, rom-coms, or just straight-up action, there is something across all of these mediums of entertainment for you. Let’s get ready to scroll through our Netflix and Steam accounts and talk about what games you should play depending on what genre you love in film and television.


For all of you rom-com fans out there, there isn’t a huge range of options for romantic, funny video games. Generally, video games are based around moving forward through action and adventure, and romance isn’t exactly an adventure easy to pack with the typical video game style action. The best options for rom-com lovers are games which move at a relaxing pace and give your tender heart the chance to warm up to the ins and outs of the game. A bonus on the list of easy-going games is Stardew Valley, which actually gives your character a chance at developing relationships with some of the NPCs in the game. 

Image Courtesy of Steam

For Horror fans, the world of gaming is your oyster. From Alien: Isolation to Zombie Raid (from American Sammy in 1995,) there are horror games spanning the entirety of the alphabet. When it comes to personal picks, in my years of gaming, I have found that Until Dawn covers all the best bits of horror, with lots of action and gore galore. If you’re looking for a horror game that will match up to all your favorite horror movies, Until Dawn is sure to leave you satisfied. 

Image Courtesy of Supermassive Games

If straight-up action is your jam, you are equally as in luck as the horror buffs. It’s difficult to make a successful video game without a healthy amount of action because it carries the plot so well and gives you, the player, so much to work on and excel at. Often, the best action games are created when the level of action in the game revolves around what you choose to do when playing. Some of the best games which let you minimize and maximize the action to your specifications are any of the Grand Theft Auto games, which really do revolve around what you choose to do. 

Image Courtesy of Rockstar Games

For fans of the classics, hunting down video games that remind you of some of your favorites can be a challenge. In my search for some of the best, my mind drifted towards shooting in black and white and the film noir genre so popular in the classics. The game that comes to mind in these categories is Return of the Obra Dinn from Lucas Pope. This murder mystery game is reminescent of many of my favorite film noir classics, but it also is refreshingly unique. If you haven’t played it yet, you need to!

Image Courtesy of Steam

There are so many film genres out there, and many of them can be difficult to depict in a video game setting, because a lot of what makes some films great is more fun to watch than to try and play. No matter what genre you enjoy, if you’re looking for a video game to play that will feel just like your favorite films, the main thing to look out for is one specific element, one thing about the movies you love, that links into the games. There are plenty of games out there that are exactly like our favorite films, but sometimes, the thing that makes a game feel just like your favorite film is a small but significant part of the story.

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