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Gaming’s Worst Patch – Covid-19

Since the beginning of Covid-19, the entire world of gaming has become congested with queue times, server lag, and an excess of people online due to lack of work and social distancing. Gaming communities across all platforms have voiced their frustrations over rapid increases of players online during all times of the day. I personally played more Solitaire and Minesweeper in the first week of server congestion while waiting to get into lobbies and games than I probably have in my entire time on the internet (with the exception of high school, but that’s a different story.) Here are just a few of the options you can choose while stuck in Covid gaming congestion purgatory:

Play Singleplayer

Gaming’s Worst Patch – Covid-19
Courtesy of Francesco Ungaro

From Solitaire and Minesweeper to the wide range of ROM hacks found online, your options for singleplayer are limitless. I personally played through the GTA V story mode for the first time, and it actually turned out to be amazing. Though it wasn’t online and I lacked that sense of accomplishments of annihilating a lot of other players, despite it all, I had a great time.

Work Out

Courtesy of Getty Images

Most importantly, I used the waits as an excuse to work out. By stretching and getting some blood flowing, workouts helped keep my sanity in check while eagerly anticipating the satisfying sound of connecting to a game (only to go on a huge losing streak, but at least I got to participate.) Seriously, I can’t stress the importance of working out enough- I even wrote an article about it.

The frustrations have been felt and heard worldwide, and a majority of companies and service providers are now continually updating their servers to support the mass amount of bandwidth being used. It’s a good thing, too; across all titles and platforms, queue times were driving everyone mad! With all the time I had stuck in a “you are 1,920 in queue out of 1,920” greeting, I even managed to get done with some household chores. Congestion or no, that’s a fate I wouldn’t wish on any man.

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