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Get Hyped- Warzone Season 6 Will Have Nightfall Mode

If you have started to feel that Warzone has gotten a little repetitive over the last few months, fear no longer. Season 6 will have a new mode for Warzone which places the players on the normal Warzone map, but this time, all in the dark. So, what does this mean for players? How will it affect you and your friends getting those sacred wins? Let’s dive on in.

Courtesy of Typical Gamer

For starters, we do not know for sure how dark exactly the map will be. That being said, there is another mode in the game that is played in the dark. If you get lucky while playing some specific modes like gun game, you will sometimes get the opportunity to play on a darkened map. In these modes, your character is given a pair of night-vision goggles that allow you to see the map. Even with these goggles, it is still very hard to see that far in front of you; I once got the bright idea to take off the goggles and see if I could see any better without them, and let me tell you, that was not the brightest (haha) of ideas. Going off a hypothesis that the Warzone map will be just as dark as the previously talked about gun game mode, this will very much change the way players will play the game. Here’s how:

Close quarters combat will become more common

With the game being all in the dark, killing enemies will be much harder. In order to fully see an enemy, you will need to be closer to them, which means that players will be more likely to have a high-powered fast-shooting gun such as an MP5. Warzone these days absolutely has a ton of close range combat, but many players such as myself choose to stick away from play like that and always keep some distance between ourselves and the enemy. This will no longer be possible. I predict that games will go much faster as players will be seeking out kills while stumbling around in the dark.

Snipers will be rendered pretty much useless

Unless some upgrades are made to the sniper rifles, they will be extremely hard to use during the nightfall mode. In the gun game mode that was played in the dark, getting past the sniper rifles on your way to a victory was easily one of the hardest parts. It is already hard enough to snipe players without being in the pitch black. I expect only really skilled snipers to stick with these guns.

Doing recon and scavenger missions will be much more important

With the game being in the dark, having a good amount of money and ammo will be extremely important to get early. Players will want to get into the best spot they possibly can in order to then strictly focus on being aware of their surroundings in the dark. It will also be important for players to know where the circle will be going so as to avoid running around in the dark.

The game will be terrifying

I already find my heart beating out of my chest whenever I get near the end of a game. I also find myself almost falling out of my chair on many occasion after getting randomly shot out of nowhere. I can only imagine how scary the end of these Warzone games will be while we play in the pitch black. I can already image myself getting the crap scared out of me in the final circle when I don’t realize the last team is right next to me.

However you play, Warzone season 6 is sure to shake up the game, and I’m beyond excited for what’s to come.

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Bobee Ziggiee
Bobee Ziggiee
9 months ago

Wow! Night mode warzone!

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