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“Gods CAN bleed:” JDG defeats the undefeated DWG

Courtesy Lolesports

As an English caster so elegantly put it, DAMWON Gaming (DWG) could bleed, and if they could bleed, they could be beaten. JD Gaming came into the match 3-2 with no chance to displace the standing of DWG’s 1st place spot, which meant that they were playing for their pride, and their pride they did restore.

Early game began with a mirrored five-point defense from both teams, a mutual show of fear, and thus respect from each team opting for a sedentary start. First blood went to JDG as they slew Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon as he transitioned down to fight with his jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu for top-river scuttle crab, but Canyon didn’t walk away without getting a kill of his own onto Zhang “Zoom” Xing-Ran. This first true fight of the game led to Zoom teleporting mid-lane while Nuguri teleported top-lane to catch the stacked wave, allowing Zoom to bait the bloodthirsty Heo “ShowMaker” Su into hit clutches not once, but twice.

Back-and-forth kills follow with Rift Herald going to DWG and the infernal dragon going to JGD. At this point Nuguri’s Blade of the Ruined King makes him a big threat to Zoom despite Zoom’s 3 kills, allowing him to take the kill off of Zoom while he looks down the barrel of a 3-man gank top-lane. Showmaker, on the other hand, came in for moral support.

So far it’s been a tense yet even game. JDG have maintained a gold lead but only a quite small one of about 1k just before a massive battle breaks out in bottom-lane. DWG, hungry and fast with their rotation intended to catapult themselves onto JDG’s bottom-lane, only to find that one by one the calm and collected members of JDG are side-stepping their engage perfectly. Normally one might see Miss Fortune and Bard as counterintuitive picks on the same team considering that the Bard could accidentally foil his own ADC’s Bullet Time, and yet in the hands of skilled professionals it works out exactly the opposite. Zuo “LvMao” Ming-Hao’s Tempered Fate locks down JDG, allowing Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook ample amount of time to position himself for a devastating ultimate. DWG are pulled apart at the seams for their hubris.

Things are beginning to look badly for DWG- it’s rare they’re behind gold for so long when historically they’re one of the fastest teams in the world to escape from being behind. DWG don’t falter, however, taking semi-successful scraps to stop the hemorrhaging and keeping themselves in the game. DWG and JDG find themselves in the bottom-lane once more, except this time, Nuguri is the first into the fray, putting JDG on the backfoot before DWG run JDG down with a massive flank from Canyon’s Graves.

It’s a fierce back-and-forth now between the two teams, but JDG are not content to allow DWG to come back, still keeping the gold lead as they rack more picks under their belt before using a baron dance to successfully flank DWG as they attempt to flee back towards their base down mid-lane.

Now down 4k gold DWG and 7 kills the last chance that the team has is to use their dragon lead to take soul and elder dragon buff for the win, and with a successful flank from Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee they almost look as if they will do so, taking the ace off of JDG as they dance around baron and securing the Dragon Soul.

Only BeryL and ShowMaker survived the battle, however, and because of their extremely slow take of the final dragon they lose the baron over to JDG who quickly recover out of spawn to just steal it away from DWG. Unfortunately for DWG, gods CAN bleed, and with the scaling on the side of JDG and not enough time for an elder dragon to spawn for them to take it, they find themselves caught one last time by JDG in their blue-side jungle. JDG, more than happy to let DWG try to engage them, using their powerful scaling to rip DWG to shreds, finally closing out the game and reminding DWG that no king rules upon their throne forever. 

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