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Goose Guys: The Collaboration We Will All Fall For

If you’re a fan of Fall Guys, then chances are you are also a fan of the Untitled Goose Game from 2019. Both games remind us of simple and fun times, and in a dream collaboration, Fall Guys has teamed up with Untitled Goose Game to bring us three new options of style for our little falling guys, including a goose costume as well as two costumes of the villagers that the goose is so infamous for bothering. If you’re ready for a honking good time, read along to see just how perfect this collaboration is.

The announcement came via Twitter on November 13th, 2020. Fall Guys are “absolutely honking ecstatic” about having teamed up with Untitled Goose Game, and we feel the same way! Both games are excellent on their own, so a mashup like this is truly a match made in heaven. With three costumes (the goose is currently available, with the villagers coming later) and a “HONK emote with sound effects,” this collaboration is sure to add to the overall excitement of Fall Guys. During the many times that I have played Fall Guys, my available options for different costumes have been quite a factor in how much I enjoy the game, and just the thought of running around as a goose, honking at other players, is bringing a smile to my face as I write this.

Fall Guys on its own is already an awesome game, but don’t just take my word for it. Garrett Szilard, an early reviewer of the game, said. “A game that has only been out for a week and has obtained a consistent player base of 100K is quite the accomplishment in itself. However, I purchased it for more than just its popularity. It has a delightful color pallet, [and] simple, but yet, entertaining physics. The obstacles aren’t impossible, with only a select few being REALLY challenging. This keeps the game engaging, but reduces the odds of supreme gamer rage from occurring, so the overall experience is mostly light hearted.” Garrett’s review perfectly sums up the magic that makes Fall Guys such a hit: it has everything you could want in a game of its type and it doesn’t go overboard with any aspect of style or gameplay. 

I was actually anxious to play it before I started because I worried that the competitive aspect would get me worked up, but when I started to play, my anxiety completely disappeared. Fall Guys may be a battle royale, but the true battle of it is to try and keep from laughing too much while you play. 

Photo courtesy of Fall Guys Twitter

Adding the goose and villagers costumes from Untitled Goose Game is such a brilliant move on the part of both game creators. Untitled Goose Game is certainly its own very particular brand of goofy gaming, but the overall mood of the game as you run around as a goose, disrupting the lives of the villagers and doing your best to achieve your objectives, is very similar in feel to the joy of Fall Guys. As Lauren Weller said in her review of Untitled Goose Game, “11/10, cackled the entire time I was playing. You can make so much mischief and interact with so many things in the game that you can go through things as fast or slow as you want. Not only are there listed objectives, but there’s a secret list you can work on during the game that is revealed once you finish it the first time. It is worthy of all the hype it’s getting.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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