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GorillA and Kuro Retire From Professional Play

Legendary ROX Tigers players GorillA and Kuro just respectively announced their retirements. After spending a year at SANDBOX Gaming, GorillA could not make it to a single international event. Besides, Kuro’s last stop was KT Rolster. His team made it to the Regional Finals but was eliminated by the Afreeca Freecs. Both ex-ROX members decided to retire from the professional League of Legends scene after the end of 2020 season. Last year, legendary marksman PraY announced his retirement as well, which means only two ROX players remain in the professional scene: Smeb and Peanut.

Courtesy of Riot Games

GorillA had standout performances throughout his career. After showing his capabilities in Korea, he decided to join the European team Misfits Gaming. Though the old Misfits roster looked promising and seemed to raise the bar, they could not meet expectations, damaging GorillA’s career. After completing the season with Misfits, he moved back to South Korea and joined SANDBOX Gaming. Before the start of the 2021 season, GorillA announced that he had retired from professional League of Legends as a player.

On the other hand, after leaving ROX Tigers, Kuro had an agreement with Afreeca Freecs and played for the same jersey for two years. In 2018, he decided to join Bilibili Gaming, a China-based team in LPL. Last year, he moved back to Korea and played for KT Rolster alongside his former teammate Smeb.

GorillA and Kuro are important players for the LCK scene. In 2015, they managed to get to the Worlds Final, facing SK Telecom. In 2016, they won the league and made it to the Worlds Semi Finals with ROX Tigers. The ROX Tigers’ roster was stacked, and one could say that Kuro was in his prime at that time.
So, what happens next? Kuro announced that he will remain in the scene through streaming and YouTube videos, and after completing his military service, he wants to return to the professional scene as a coach. GorillA did not give any specific info about his future but said, “This will be the final time I will be reaching out to you as a professional player. However, I will find you again, through other future opportunities.” You can find Kuro’s announcement translated by Ashley Kang here and GorillA’s here.

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