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Bankrupting A Solar System: The Guide To Getting Rich In No Man’s Sky

Crashing a solar system’s economy is easy work: it just requires some cobalt and enough warp drives to get you there. Here’s the official guide to getting rich quick in No Man’s Sky.

Image Courtesy of Hello Games

How It Works

Before you start off doing this, you’re going to need a few things, and they’re extremely easy to find. Cobalt is very common, and it’s pretty expensive for a full-stack. A full inventory slot of 9,999 pieces of Cobalt, at 198 per piece, stands at over 1.9 million credits. 

It won’t take any time at all to gather up a few full-stacks from caves found on various planets, and with enough trips to trade stations, you won’t have to harvest these materials anymore, meaning you’ll just be going from station to station until you need to refill your warp-drive. 

So, say you’ve made it to the trade station with 5 full-stacks of Cobalt worth 9,899,010 credits. You head up to the terminal and make sure that the station is selling Cobalt; if not, the glitch won’t work as well. Without buying any Cobalt whatsoever, sell every piece you have. When you flood the market with 49,995 pieces of Cobalt, you then lower the price since the supply is so high and the demand is minimal. 

Courtesy of No Man’s Sky Wiki

You then go back to the buying page and buy back your entire inventory plus the stations for close to a quarter of what you sold everything four. That means you’re keeping at least 75% of the profit you’ve made at the station. After you crash the economy, hang around for a few minutes. Travelers are going to be constantly docking at the station and guess what they have — Cobalt. Often, there are thousands of pieces that are now going for an extremely low price for you to buy up cheap and then sell at the other station. 

Quick Tips

-Make sure you’re buying more inventory slots for your Traveler and Ship every time you visit a station. You’ll be able to carry and transport more Cobalt, and with all the money you’ll be making per run, there’s really no excuse to not expand your space aggressively. 

-Designate certain ships to transport Cobalt to the stations. Nothing is worse than having to choose between millions of credits and important things you know you’ll end up needing. Use one ship as a form of resource-gathering when it comes to fueling both ships, and use the other as the cargo ship for Cobalt. 

-Make absolutely sure that the system is selling Cobalt. If not, then the market price hasn’t been established for that item, which means it’s not going to be as low as it could be, and you’ll be paying more than a quarter of what you sold for. 

-After you get enough funds, start buying ships from random Travelers and sell them for Nanotech. You’ll most likely still be in the green, and you’ll be able to research future tech that you can sell at the station in the future. 

-This glitch does work with other items, but the success isn’t as guaranteed as it is with Cobalt. You can find it on practically every planet, which means every station is bound to have it in stock. 

-Use your economy-scanner to find more promising clusters to sell the Cobalt. The better-developed the system, the higher the selling price and the lower the buy back price. 

Why Hasn’t Hello Games Patched It?

I get that this seems like it should cause a huge problem with the game’s economy, but surprisingly, it isn’t. The No Man’s Sky’s community is well-known for being one of the nicest around, where you can chill in a space-station and get flooded with gifts from random players. There is very little interaction with other players outside the stations unless you are grouped, which means that the economy isn’t as under threat here as in other games. 

The game is also procedurally generated, which means the economies are as well since they rely on the materials found in that cluster. It’s harmless because it fixes itself, and with so many clusters, the glitch doesn’t pose as much a threat as it would with just two or three main clusters. 


The Cobalt glitch is here to stay, and Hello Games seems to be doing everything but endorsing it. It’s not something that spells trouble for their players or game economy and allows players to focus more on the adventuring aspect of the game. Even if they were to patch it, if you have the physical copy of the game, you can play it offline, which means that you can play it without any updates that could prohibit it. So grab that Cobalt and have yourself a time exploring the cosmos.

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