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Happy Birthday, Guile


December 23 was the {fictional} birthday of one of the most iconic video game characters in history, Street Fighter’s Guile. Join me in celebrating the history, character, and overall existence of a loyal soldier and true American hero.

Source: Capcom

Ever since his introduction to the legendary Street Fighter series in 1991 (most notably 1994 in Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis,) Guile has been a staple of the fighting franchise ever since. His character is one built on grit, discipline, and character as a major in the United States Air Force who is extremely adept at martial arts and professional wrestling. His all-American image and patriotic spirit are symbolized with United States flag tattoos on each shoulder, with the stars on the left-hand side to give the illusion that the flag is flying ‘towards’ battle. 

Guile’s physical and mental toughness, stoic demeanor, appealing character design, and badass persona have resonated with fans, and continue to do so almost three decades later.

Source: Capcom
Guile in Street Fighter V. Source: Capcom

Perhaps even more prolific than the character itself is Guile’s theme music, which is one of the most iconic video game character themes of all time. It’s one that perfectly embodies the relentless pursuit for justice and patriotism that the Guile character is known for. You may recognize the tune, even if you’re not a fan or familiar with the Street Fighter series.

In 2010, the theme went viral as part of a movement called “Guile’s theme goes with everything”, which saw it included in a series of YouTube mashups with scenes from movies, tv shows, anime, and basically any and every other form of media and pop culture. Here are just a few videos that captured the brilliance of the trend.

Salute to Capcom for its creation of an iconic theme and character that has stood the test of time. Happy birthday, Guile!

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