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Happy Pokémon Day! 25 Years of Memories

For 25 years, the world’s largest media franchise we affectionately know as Pokémon has reverberated throughout the globe and into the hearts and souls of millions. Every year, we celebrate the existence of this amazing brand and all its glory on February 27, but this year it’s a little more special. Today—and all year long— the world celebrates Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. On this extra special Pokémon Day, we reflect on the many years of sustained excellence and lifelong memories which have been forged throughout the journey. Here, you will hear from some of the most passionate fans in the community, who will share their fondest memories of the brand we all know and love. Each one of them are flourishing content creators who’ve dedicated much of their time, passion, and energy into the franchise—all for the love of Pokémon. Let’s just refer to them as the “Stropse Elite Four.” 

Watch, listen, and enjoy. Happy Pokémon Day!  



Nate’s unwavering affection for Pokémon has simply never wavered, dating back to his introduction to the franchise in its infancy. RealBreakingNate has attracted more than 675,000 subscribers with his passion for the brand as one of the premiere PokéTubers in the entire region. As champion and leader of the BreakingFamily, the Indiana native’s channel is one of the central hubs for all things Pokémon. Nate also loves to spread positivity and is a mental health advocate and overall invaluable presence in the community! You can catch him five times a week on YouTube.

Favorite Pokémon: Psyduck


A match made in Kanto. Source: RealBreakingNate/Fairy Hex Tattoos/Instagram 


Kate, also known as helloiamkate, is a cosplayer, pizza connoisseur, Pokémon plushie fanatic, and gamer extraordinaire originally from the California Bay Area. She grew up playing video games, watching anime, and loving comics, which have proven to be the origins of a budding career and connection with thousands worldwide. The SoCal streamer graced us with the many faces of Kate, and her jovial personality has been on display since 2015, when she first started cosplaying and streaming on Twitch. She is now one of the most dazzling streamers on the platform!

Favorite Pokémon: The ghost trio of Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar

Tik Tok:

The Trainer Club

Welcome to The Trainer Club, where champions are made and dreams become reality. Billy, better known as The Trainer Club, is simply the number one source for Pokémon Go tips, tricks and updates. He has trained many elite trainers and fans alike with his trademark enthusiasm, extensive knowledge of the game, and superb engagement with the community. The Trainer Club is a staple of the ravenous Pokémon fanbase as a lifelong fan dating back to its debut in America. Now, he is instrumental in spreading the wonder of the franchise and helping fans reach new levels of greatness!

Check out his ‘Brake & Build’ podcast for high-level information about life, becoming a Youtuber, and motivation to help build your life in a positive direction.

Favorite Pokémon: Lapras 



Please allow me to introduce the #SoloQueen, O.G. Alakazam solo expert, and de facto leader of Team Winstinct, KaitoNolan. Kaito is one of the pioneers of the Pokémon Go craze as the innovator of 12 unique duo and 18 unique trio raid challenges. Hailing from Irving, Texas, her videos inspire the community to catch ‘em all while working together to defeat extremely powerful Pokémon known as Raid Bosses. With over 21 million views on YouTube, Pokémon Go fans worldwide look to Kaito as a primary source for tips on how to catch those legendary and mythical Pokémon!

Favorite Pokémon: Alakazam


Special thanks to these four legendary individuals for sharing their favorite Pokémon memories with us. Be sure to follow and check them all out on their platforms.

Here’s to 25 and many more years of Pokémon memories to come.

Happy Pokémon Day! 

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