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Here are the 10 Richest Gamers!

These gamers have the skill and the bank account to prove they’re among the most successful gamers we’ve seen. This list examines the richest gamers on and off the esports stage. 

As of recent, making the big bucks has not only become more of a possibility, but more respected in the mainstream. You won’t find any mention of Youtube personalities, so creators JackSepticEye and Pewdiepie won’t be featured here. 

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

Image courtesy of Ninja

Worth: $20,000,000-$30,000,000+

Kicking off the list is the most iconic gamer we’ve seen in the past decade. Ninja’s popularity rose when viewers noticed his above-average gameplay in games like Fortnite and PUBG. Even though Ninja isn’t as much of a tournament player, he still managed to rake in millions by impressing countless Battle Royale fans. He was rumored to make anywhere from $20-30Million on a deal from Microsoft that would see him exclusively stream on Mixer, which was Twitch’s rival at the time. 

Johan “Notail” Sundstein

Image courtesy of VPEsports

 Worth: $6,800,000+

If you know Dota 2, then you know that Notail is regarded as one of the greatest players around. Not only was Notail able to come out on top of Internationals for two years in a row, but he captained the team for both tournaments. That’s two back-to-back victories he’s led his team to win for the highest prize pool tournament in the industry. Keep in mind that this was something never done before, though many had come pretty close to nabbing those bragging rights.  

“JerAx” Vainikka

Image courtesy of JerAx

Worth: $6,400,000+

Another Dota 2 legend making his way onto our list. He was part of the team lead to victory by Notail when he claimed the back-to-back tournaments and was actually a fierce rival of Notail’s before he switched over to OG. You won’t find him on any upcoming rosters though, as he retired post-Internationals of 2019, and left the industry on top. 

Anathan “Ana” Pham

Image courtesy of DoteSports

Worth: $6,000,000+

OG members are really filling out this list. Ana is yet another player led by Notail in the Internationals and was instrumental in helping them secure their first 2018 Internationals win. Before his Internationals run, he did manage to win a couple of Valve titles, but hasn’t been actively seen. He’s stated that he’s taking a break from competitions at the moment, so he hasn’t joined JerAx’s retirement club yet. 

Sebastian “Ceb” Debs

Photo courtesy of HotSpawn

Worth: $5,400,000+

The position 3 offlaner of OG is at number five on our list. Ceb was known to be a scary-good player but was semi-casted out of the industry. While he wasn’t fully out of the door, the roles he would go on to fill would be small in comparison to his early career. When he got the shot at coaching OG, he helped steer them into their 2018 and 2019 Internationals wins and even had some crispy plays synced with his name. Nowadays, he is still the coach of OG, but we wouldn’t mind seeing him back in the chair. 

Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen

Photo courtesy of SportsBet

Worth: $5,400,000+

This is the last OG team member on our list, and he’s also the youngest. Topson has been playing Dota since he was just eight year old. That experience translated over perfectly when he won back-to-back Internationals with OG. He set a record for being the first person to win every International he’s been a part of, and we look forward to seeing him in the midlanes come 2021.

Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi

Photo courtesy of ESTNN

Worth: $5,100,000

The current captain of Team Liquid, KuroKy has been in the professional leagues since he was just 16 years old. He has been in every single Internationals since its start in 2011, but didn’t find a win until 2017. The closest he came was when he finished second in 2013. He is one of only three players to make it to every Internationals, so you can expect Team Liquid to make it back in 2021. 

Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkwai

Photo courtesy of Faces Of Esports

Worth: $4,700,000

Now a current member of Team Liquid, Miraclewas once on the roster for OG, when they were known as “Monkey Business.” Even though he did well with the team in Internationals, it wasn’t until he was paired with KuroKy that he saw his first win in 2017 and was invited back for the tournament just two years later. 

Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov

Photo courtesy of TiltReport

Worth: $4,500,000

Ivan has been in Team Liquid since KuroKy took the lead, and his captain hasn’t let go of him since. He’s known to be a very talented offlaner and helped win Team Liquid the 2017 Internationals. He faced a good bit of controversies from his 2019 game, where he was blamed by fans for helping OG win and even making anti-Russian comments when the cameras were live. 

Maroun “GH” Merhej

Photo courtesy of Monster Energy

Worth: $4,100,000

GH saw a rise to fame when he joined Team Liquid in 2016 even though he had already been active on the professional scene for three years. He’s well-known for being the sprinkles-on-top when it comes to Team Liquid, and helped land them multiple wins before the 2017 Internationals. 

These gamers have seized our hearts and fattened our checkbooks. Congratulations to all gamers featured for their newfound financial security in such an early period of their life.

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