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Here’s How You Can Get the Fastest Car in Cyberpunk 2077 for Free

Cyberpunk 2077 gives you access to a large stockpile of sports cars with different designs and paint jobs that make the experience of the game that much more futuristic. But if you want to drive the fastest and flashiest car to mob around the streets of Night City, you’ll want to get your hands behind the wheel of the Rayfield Caliburn. This Hypercar Coupe was manufactured in the United Kingdom in 2070 with an aura associated with the Neo-Kitsch Style. 

Cyberpunk 2077
Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

It’s a luxurious automobile that the upper class wields to soar on the streets like a jet. If your pockets are fat enough to cop the fastest sports car in the game, you can make your way to Corporation Street in the Downtown sector and pay 157,000 Eddies for it. If that’s considered to be miles out of your price range, there is a secret way to get the Rayfield Caliburn for free.

In order to get the free Caliburn, it is required that you advance through the campaign to the mission in Act 2 called “Ghost Town.” During this quest, you will team up with Panam to eliminate a horde of enemies inside of a mine shaft in the Badlands.

Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

If you drive further down the mine, you will eventually have a car icon appear on your screen. When you approach the car icon, you will be able to see the Rayfield Caliburn located in an open shipping container. To make the car yours, all you have to do is enter the driver’s seat. There are no extra challenges or enemies to extinguish. The container will also have some legendary loot inside of it. 

If the car isn’t spawning inside of the container, try skipping time forward or loading a previous save. If you skip time to no avail, you can always return back to the location to see if the car ever appears. It is likely that the appearance of the Rayfied Caliburn is dependent on your Street Cred. Continue doing missions and side quests to get your numbers up, and soon enough, you’ll be hightailing from pursuing cops and rolling around Night City in the quintessential babe-magnet of the future

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