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Highlights From the FaZe 5 Top 100 GFUEL Round

Thus far, the top 100 finalists of the #FaZe5 Recruitment Challenge were tasked with creating completely new content in 48 hours and showing FaZe a day in their lives. For the third round, they were challenged to get their creative battle juices flowing and create a promo for GFUEL—the official energy drink of esports. They did not disappoint.


Here’s a look at some of the standout submissions from challenge number three of four of the top 100.

Shark Bite | @RowdyRogan 🦈

6-year-old Warzone prodigy Rowdy Rogan shows us what it’s like to drink from a bottle of “Shark Bite,” giving you the focus to go to war inside the shark-infested waters of the game itself. Might have to cop if it’ll give me the focus to drop a 20 piece in one game. 

Beatbox | @cloaser 📻

Cloaser shows us that for the official energy drink of esports, the possibilities are limitless— it can even transform someone from a complete amateur to a GOATed beatboxer. Ya man’s sounded like a Transformer in my ear at the end… #HowDoYouDoThatForrealThough #HumanMPC

What it actually was…

What it sounded like…

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

“But Mom, I love GFUEL” 😂 | @akaStratus  🥤

The law of attraction says that you attract what you think. Stratus proves that theory to be true with his creative take on a classic Chef Boyardee commercial. Shout out to momma Stratus for her role in this too!

GFUEL Will Save Your Life | @x_Scp 🩺

When not using GFUEL to eat his cereal, Scope shows us how to turn any gamer from undesirable to undeniable with the help of the official energy drink of esports. With a special cameo from FaZe Dirty, this comedic take on a GFUEL promo shows how your gameplay can go from whack to cracked.

Living with a Gamer | @NorCalKai 🔋

This promo shows how GFUEL gives you the energy it takes to live with an enthusiastic gamer, among other things. It also alludes to being the perfect remedy for lack of sleep during the FaZe grind (Congratulations to all with that by the way. The hard work is paying off!)

A New Hope | @kaiwtff 🌌

Kai Robinson uses the force of GFUEL to save the entire galaxy in this comedy short. The official energy drink of esports even gets a thumbs up from our favorite bitter mother, who always seems to wake up on the wrong… dark side of bed.  

The GFUEL 5 | @Metaaphor  5️⃣

This submission from Metaphor puts an interesting twist and creative spin to this round’s GFUEL challenge, creating a parody of the FaZe 5 announcement video. Instead of the amazing content creators, artists, gamers, etc. that FaZe 5 called for, the GFUEL 5 calls for all comedic, try-hard, and casual Warzone players. A man of the people, Metaphor also incorporates a real GFUEL giveaway for his loyal followers.

Three rounds down, one more to go! Stay tuned for highlights of the final round of the #FaZe5 top 100. 

For more, check out this compilation of the best highlights from round three put together by FaZe.

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