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History of Call of Duty Nuketown mannequin Easter Eggs

Throughout the history of Call of Duty, no map has appeared as many times as the famous Nuketown. There is always a little something special hidden in this map in terms of the mannequins, no matter what game in the series in which it appears. There are also a couple other smaller Easter Eggs present in the maps, such as the population sign that changes numbers as people die and respawn, as well as a secret RCXD path that lets you go outside the map to get a jump into enemy spawn. Without further ado, let me take you on a little history tour of all the mannequin Easter Eggs that have appeared in this map throughout the ages.

Courtesy of Activision

Starting off with Black Ops 1, if you shoot off all the mannequin head within 15 seconds, the song Sympathy of the Devil would play. 15 seconds is not a lot of time, so you needed a partner to help you in order to get this done in time.

Next is Black Ops 2, where the map was called Nuketown 2025 but took place in the ‘60s. It was supposed to represent what people in the 1960’s would have thought 2025 would look like. For this Easter Egg, you needed to shoot off all the mannequin heads in 2 minutes and then the Nuketown sign would turn into an arcade machine, with 4 separate games you could play.

Up next is Black Ops 3 where the map was called Nuketown 2065. If you shot off all the mannequin heads they would start chasing you around the map and could actually kill you. In another version of the Easter Egg, if you shot off all the arms of the mannequins, they would again start chasing you, but would stop in their tracks and be completely still if you looked at them. This made for a really creepy site. The third part of the Easter Egg happened if you shot off all the heads and arms of the mannequins and it would be the same as the second part but more mannequins would spawn.

In Black Ops 4, if you shot off all the mannequins’ heads, a nuke in the middle of the map would launch and explode in the air and mannequins would fall from the sky and try to attack you.

Finally, in the most recent CoD, Black Ops: Cold War, if you shoot off all the heads of the mannequins, the map will turn into a blue retro version of itself… If you shoot off all the arms and legs, it will turn from black to a green version.

Well that’s it for all the maps made so far. We can only hope that they will continue to pump out Nuketown maps and give us some more dope Easter Eggs to go along with it.

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