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How Does Your Favorite Stack Up? Console Sales For 2020

Console sales were so high in 2020, even last-gen consoles saw a healthy amount of sales before the current-gen release. Here, you can see just how well these consoles performed during the 2020 pandemic. 

Courtesy of GamesRadar


Courtesy of Sony

PlayStation made up 52% of the console market coming into March 2020, right when we were told to go into lockdown in order to avoid the COVID pandemic. It hit 107,851,306 sold consoles and practically dominated the market for over seven years before being overthrown by the Nintendo Switch again. 

The recent shortage of the PS5 already tells us that it’s going to be the one of the most-sold gaming consoles of all-time, and with the PS4 already raking in over 100 million sold units, you can bet next year’s numbers are going to be huge. 


Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo definitely learned something with the failure of the Wii U. The Switch sold over 19 million units when it released, and it found itself primed to become the perfect stay-at-home entertainment for those undergoing lockdown. It held a quarter of the market in March, and the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance helped sell some units since people waited for a decade for the third installment. 


Courtesy of Microsoft

Xbox actually did the worst this year during the heat of the pandemic, only making up 23% of the market overall. Yes, it is only a 2% difference between the XB1 and the Switch, but that 2% is still millions of units of difference. Microsoft shifted their focus on trying to beat Sony in just the console wars and focused on bringing some serious hardware and streaming services to the table in order to make up for the XB1’s horrible initial release. 


These numbers have since fluctuated, as this time of the year sees an increase in sales for Christmas/New Year’s presents. Still, it’s fun to see what the numbers looked like back when the outlook of America’s economy seemed bleak.

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