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How GTA Glitchers Are Fighting Rockstar

With each new update costing eight figures in the bank, many players have turned to the more “dirty” ways of making money in Rockstar’s online giant GTAO (GTA V Online.) From duping cars to exploiting the games in the Diamond Casino, these players have found ways to make millions in minutes.

GTA Rockstar
Courtesy of @gta5moneygenerators

The Problem

Rockstar has made very few changes when it comes to the work/reward balance since GTAO’s release. While players have been patient since the early days, few are still maintaining the “clean” methods of grinding. CEO businesses were a great way to earn money, but players quickly looked for other ways to make money after noticing that they were doing too much for too little.

Take this as an example. The smallest warehouse you can buy in GTAO for Special Cargo costs the average player a little over seven figures and only holds 16 crates. You can purchase these crates in various amounts that go up to $18k for just three more.  If you spend $18k for three crates until you hit 16, you’ve just spent $240k for a return of just less than seven figures per sell. The larger the warehouse, the more time and money you have to put in, and when you’re playing 6-8 hours for just a million, you can see why many are taking the dirtier route to get their money.

The Solution

Glitchers have taken to duping vehicles as a quick money-making method. I won’t list out any guides, but you can easily find them online. These methods are generally short-lived, as when they are found, they typically spread around the internet like wildfire. You can even find Youtubers who have channels dedicated to finding/announcing these. It’s not uncommon for a workaround to be posted after the glitch is patched.

Duping involves you copying a car you want to sell and also keep. You’ll find that many of these strategies center around the Arena War vehicles since you’re making money off the upgrades on it rather than the vehicle itself. If you are able to dupe your chosen vehicle successfully, there is only one thing stopping you from making $1.8mil every few seconds, but more on that later.

Courtesy of Rockstar

The Diamond Casino is another hotspot for hoarding money. Poker and Horse betting are the go-to methods for money-making, and all revolve around you disconnecting your internet before you officially lose your money. It’s a smaller payout than duping, and it takes longer, but Rockstar hasn’t wiped out any chips yet, meaning it’s free reign for any player wanting to exploit it.

Rockstar’s Reaction

To help combat in-game money laundering and game economy disruption, Rockstar enabled a sell timer for people looking to sell their duped cars. If you sell over nine within a 31-hour period, you’ll find yourself on a list that limits how many cars you can sell a day. The greedier you are, the worse the punishment, with the most avid car sellers being slapped with a “1 sell every 30 hours” rule. This did help put a dent in the problem, but the community was quick to come up with a method to stop it from happening to them.

The community found that if you only sold a few cars an hour, you wouldn’t make it on Rockstar’s radar. Being able to distinguish from a “clean” or “dirty” (Where the car’s license plate is also duplicated, putting you on the radar if you sell it) dupe is vital for anyone wanting to keep themselves safe while keeping their hands dirty.

Rockstar also doesn’t have a problem with wiping out your account if they suspect you’ve been glitching, so if you’ve glitched hundreds of millions, you’re at risk of having everything you ever bought being taken away from you by the devs themselves.

Are glitchers fighting the good fight, or are they tempting the Rockstar fates that be? Let me know in the comments below.

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